Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Non-Partisan Mystery Photos

Don't forget to vote today!

That way you can complain or boast all you want for the next four years.
If you don't vote, then I don't want to hear a peep out of you!

Now, enough election talk and on to lighter matters.

It's time for mystery photos!

Good luck!

I'll post the answers later this evening.


Buttons and Dots Photography said...

Thanks for visiting me on my sits feature day! I have always been a stalker of yor blog. Great stuff! I haven't got a clue what the mystery photos are and can
t wait to come back to see the answers! I am now a follower of yours!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I don't have a clue?
I'll be back later for enlightenment.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

The one looks like a tooth with braces and a rubber band!?

Shannon said...

Whoa, these are hard! I've only got three guesses...

1. looks like a tooth filling!

4. curly ribbon

5. back of a chair

Looking forward to seeing just how wrong I am! HA!

lynette355 said...

Yeah, I have so wanted to play this game but I keep missing the posted photos.
1. braces w/green rubber band

2. going to guess christmas ortament but i really dont think so

2. red fabric

4. snow globe?

5. back of chair

6. toy giraffe

Unknown said...

This game always makes my brain hurt, but I always come back to see what it is that you've posted!!!


Unknown said...

Looks like you are working on your Christmas present wrapping or something...Othwerwise,I am clueless this time!

Mama Dawg said...

1. Braces bracket w/rubberband

2. Harry Potter's color coordinated notebooks for Hogwarts

3. a beenie baby (Octopus, maybe?)

4. Mold from that thing in the back of the fridge that time (and Rhea) forgot

5. Frank Lloyd Wright piece photographed and the colors inverted.

6. Spiderman's Halloween themed web goo that comes from his hands.

sassy stephanie said...

That looks a little scary.

Rolls of wrapping paper

Christmas tree skirt

gift wrapping ribbon

no effin clue

clearance Halloween decor or a granny's shall

Sally-Ann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, your comments are always appreciated!

As for the pictures!!??
1. No idea
2. No idea
3. cowboy hat
4. wrapping ribbon
5. no idea - go with everyone else, the back of a chair
6. a beanie frog
My son declares that everything is a flower, flower, flower, flower!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

These are really hard.

Not that I'll know any of them.

1. braces with a green rubber band. They have colored rubber bands now? I suppose it makes them easier to get out of the carpet.

2. Your new pole in your room for dancing. I love the shiny curtains in the background. You are really going all out. Does the video make it easier?

3. The outfit to wear while pole dancing. I suppose it didnt' stay on long so you took a picture of it in a crumpled heap on the floor.

4. They make green whips? With glitter?

5. the egg. just waiting for the sperm.

6. Your latest knitting project. Taken up after that injury you had...

tiarastantrums said...

WOW - I am actually stumped - I thought the first one was a tooth?? #3 - netting from the park/or chuckie cheese #4 - fabric? last one - A stuffie?

I wrote political today too!!

Cristin said...

1. The inside of a mouth.

2. Christmas Wrapping paper.

3. A flashback from my college days.

4. Funky belt.

5. WTF???

6. You're crocheting yourself a sexy negligee...

All Things BD said...

1. Tooth filling (ew)
2. Wrapping paper
3. Some kind of toy lizard/snake
4. Ribbon
5. A chair against a pink wall
6. A Halloween decoration

Pseudo said...

1) fishing lure
2) wrapping paper
3) your bedroom sheets
4)Christmas ornament
5) sunglasses
6) cocktail glass

Valarie Lea said...

Braces Bracket
Football Jersey
Sparkly ribbony stuff
Chair against a wall
Spider web Halloween decoration


Linda said...

This is fun, but difficult. My daughter loves taking photos like this too.

1. Tooth with crown and rubberband?
2. Glittery craft paper?
3. Belly dancer costume fabric?
4. Glittery green belt? To got with the belly dancer costume?
5. Green glass plate sitting on a bubble gum pink exercise ball?
6. Macrame?

Ok, off to vote ... woohoo!

Jen said...

1. A tooth with braces and/or a filling (putting the camera in your mouth again?)
2. it looks very familiar to me but I can't put my finger on it and I know that I am going to be like oh yeah when I see it.
3. Your new dress for an evening out with Texas homeboy?
4. Ribbon
5. Maybe a blow up toy?
6. some kind of Halloween knitting

Michelle said...

That first one looks like a tooth with braces. Been there. Done that. Still have the nightmares.

Angie's Spot said...

Before I go and read what everyone else said, here's my guesses.

1. A bracket for braces
2. Wrapping paper
3. An octopus stuffed animal
4. Toy vegetable
5. Part of a laptop
6. A giraffe stuffed animal

Ok, now that I've embarrassed myself publicly, let's see how everyone else did.

Avery Tales said...

The first one has something to do with teeth. I give up on the rest! Oh and I voted and have the sticker to prove it. I even posted a picture on my blog. Yay me!

Swirl Girl said...

At first I thought the first one was a melted 1/2 sucked green m&m..then I went with the braces and rubber band .

the other's stump me completely.

lynette355 said...

1. braces w/green rubber band


3. red and gold lame' fabric?

4. glitter on ribbon or on basket


6. yeah it is orange yarn tied over a white background
not sure if in web design or what?

Justine said...

Okay, here goes nothing, and no, I did not peek at anyone else's answers!
1) someone's tooth with braces
2) wrapping paper
3) your shirt
4) holiday box
5) rearview mirror, though you fucked with the picture
6) macrame spider web

Justine :o )

Erika Jean said...

1- looks like braces or a tooth or filling with rubber bands. Doesn't look fun!!

2- looks like a bunch of rolls or raping paper or gift boxes!

3-fabric... perhaps a lumpy pillow?

4- a green sparkly ribbon x-mas tree

5- no idea a button on something.

6- some Halloween orange spiderweb decoration... maybe with a bead spider?

HiHoOhio said...

1. braces
2.wrapping paper
3. turtleneck
4. ribbon
5. square plate
6. crochet and eye of animal

The Blonde Duck said...

I have no clue.

steenky bee said...

Yeah, so I'm way late getting here, and the answers are all up, but holy crap. That braces photo is freaky, girl! I would have guess the innards of a fish.