Thursday, May 15, 2008

Graphically Designing Giveaway

I have some ideas about a new look for my website, and I need Darcy's amazing designing skills to help me implement them. So, if you have a chance and are so inclined, please, please, please stop by her website, Graphically Designing, and vote for me!

I've been noticing her work for a while. My friend Kat's blog Sunshine and Lemonade was done by was Susan's Short on Words and Valarie's Valarie Lea from Tennessee. I am super impressed with her work! It's so eye-catching, creative and fun. I wanna a blog like that!!!


The CDM said...

Did I miss something? Where's the promised update? Is this some sort of pissing contest or what? I voted, so I get to call you on this. You got some 'splainin ta do.

Keys to the Magic Travel said... need to get out there an campaign. Move beyond the people who have computers and make them vote :-) And yes, where is the update...inquiring minds and all.

Melissa said...

oh how fun. Thanks for posting a link to it.

KG said...

Man - my blog is the sorriest looking one around. I gotta get help.

Catherine said...

My daughter manages to vote with the second computer, 16h before the end! I'll try myself at my parent's for a third vote. What you say? Cheaters? I suppose every body does the same.
Good luck!

Rhea said...

Complaint Department Manager - You're totally right. You deserve an update! I'll get to it, I promise. I'm a bad blogger, bad, bad, bad. Things have been crazy, as you'll see from TODAY's loooooong post.

Kat - I sent emails to my family and some friends...but I'm just not sure I can complete with Miss Sunny Side Up. She's called in the big guns apparently. I'm crushed.

MOtherhood for Dummies - Thanks for stopping by!

Law Student Hot Mama - You're blog is definitely not the sorriest around. Besides, you have cute Sumo baby on yours, so no one is looking at anything else, just those adorable chunky thighs.

Catherine - Thank you so much for your votes! You're awesome!

Utter Basketcase said...

Booo I went there before but it looks like someone else has already won it :-(

I think I'm too late!

SORRY *hugs* xx