Monday, May 19, 2008

Mystery Photo Revealed

Sidewalk Chalk


Valarie Lea said...

Far cry from a concrete post. Did anyone get it right??

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Can I claim that I didn't get it right because it's a craft? :-) yeah, I thought not. We have tons of that stuff...because it stays outside and there is no mess. But it sure did look like a cement post.

Jules said...

Everything is a matter of perspective. What you think you see, and what is there, can be so very different.

So now where are the beautiful pieces of artwork that your munchkins made? 'Cause I can see that the chalk has gotten some ..... actually quite a bit of use.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. Btw...tag! ;-)

Angie's Spot said...

I thought it was concrete too! Great minds think alike. You would think with the bins of sidewalk chalk that we have around here, that I could guess that one. Good pic Rhea!

Rhea said...

I was worried that was going to be too easy, that everyone was going to guess right away what it was. Whew. I'm glad some of you got it wrong. lol

And, congrats to those of you that got it right!! I will have pictures of our artwork coming tonigt or tomorrow. I worked all day and need to get caught up on my blogging. :o) Thanks for stopping by!

Utter Basketcase said...

OH ffs!! I suck!!!

Hey I just remembered my dream!!!

I can't remember it exactly but there was a scene that I ran past and realised a detail of your mystery photo!

I was like oh heck!! This is what Rheas mystery photo was of!

Then I rang you to tell you but I was too late... you had already revealed it LOL!!! Spaz eh?

Anyways... I love these things... can you do more of these? :-) xx

Catherine said...

A parking?!?! Stupid. Can you remind me who has made this proposition?
Thanks Rhea, I like this game.

Skeller said...

These were both great photos!! Fun little mystery :-)