Friday, May 9, 2008

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I was inspired by a post on Valarie Lea's blog recently about what she wanted to be when she grew up (and to see her hilarious post, click here, the answer will surprise you!). So, I'm going to grab and run away with her hilarious idea and share my own childhood dreams.

One of the first people I wanted to be like desperately was Anne of Green Gables. If you've never seen these movies, you should run to your local video store or Netflix and order them immediately! Especially if you have girls.

My next beloved object of adoration was Nancy Drew. She was awesome. She was brave and smart, solved mysteries no one else could. She was a woman to be admired! And, I developed a love of mysteries from these books.

Then as I grew older, I fell in love with Jane Seymour as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, a fabulous TV show. Something about her leaving the East coast and taking on the wild west...a female doctor was kind of unheard of at the time, and she tackles so many difficulties (and finds a hunky man). I LOVED this show. I wanted to be her.

In high school I changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a lawyer. My mom was graduating from law school at this point, and it seemed like such an admirable and justice cause.
But, this didn't last too long.

I soon returned to my previous desire of being a doctor...and this has stuck with me very strongly. I really want to be a doctor.
And, I've always had a serious love of writing. As a child, a teenager, and even now. I passionately love writing.
But, the reality is that these days I am a tickle monster....

and a maid...
to my 11 year old inventor in the making...

and his little brother who wants to be a pokemon movie producer.

Now, my hubby on the other hand...he knew as a child he wanted to be a lawyer and never wavered from this determination. He graduated from law school a few years ago and achieved his dream. He loves this doormat...I think I'll get it for him for Father's Day. hehe

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you change you mind or did you achieve it? What do your kids want to be? Run with this and share whatever you want!!


Valarie Lea said...

I also wanted to be a Mom. Started on that young, and have three little dears to show for it.

I also believe that since your a mother, you pretty much are a Doctor, or at least a Nurse Practitioner. :)

All Things BD said...

I really really wanted to be an optometrist. What I nerd. I ended up with a degree in early childhood studies but worked in accounting before I had kids. Now I'm putting the degree to good use.

Skeller said...

Awwww, you started with 2 of my favorite things - The Anne of Green Gables movies (I can't even begin to say HOW MUCH I LOVE these) and Nancy Drew books - I inhaled these things when I was a kid!!
Happy Friday...

CrystalChick said...

I was going to be the best Secretary that ever lived! LOL I had two part time jobs senior year, one was at a hospital in Philadelphia doing secretarial work and I figured I'd get into something more executive eventually. But when I met my husband soon after that job started, things came to a SCREECHING halt. I was in love. Only 5 months after I graduated, I got married and had our first daughter very soon after that. The rest, so they say, is history. A few part-time gigs here and there but mostly a SAHM. :)
My kids are alot older now, my son 15 this summer, my daughter 24 this month, and a 1 year old grandbabyboy, I am still busy with family stuff, but have found a way to have a small business too!! I work at home and sell my handmade creations to friends and family and at craft fairs. I think if I could do anything, I would still want to do what I'm doing as it is very enjoyable, but I would like to have it be a little more steady and profitable.
Have a very Happy Mother's Day!! :)

I am Laura said...

I wanted to be everything. It changed so often I cannot count all the things I dreamed of. After three years of college and switching majors and making bad decisions I finally decided on teacher. I kept putting that away from my mind because my mom was a teacher and it is hard and sometimes unrewarding so I kept not wanting to be that -- but in reality I was born to be a teacher. I haven't used my degree to be a full time teacher, but the kids that I tutor really help me know that I made the right decision and in some ways it has helped me be a better mom. My daughter on the other hand wants to be a doctor like her daddy -- until a fireman came to her school and now she wants to be a firefighter.

Burfica said...

I didn't have huge standards I guess. I always always wanted to be married and have kids, and lots of animals, and I got all that.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I loved Nancy Drew & Dr Quinn!!

Vi said...

OMG! This is the first time I've been here... and you are sooo much like me! lol! No wonder my niece loves you so much!

I popped in... to let you know... I've stolen a meme you did awhile ago, I stole if from lady.

I thought it would be polite to let you know I knicked your stuff!

the mama bird diaries said...

Love the doormat. That rocks. :)

Ice skater. Is it too late?

Anonymous said...

My son wants to be a Kindergarten teacher. I wanted to be a fireperson, teacher, and actress. Then I wanted to be a cop. Almost did become a cop, too, but during my first of of college decided to study psychology instead.

Rhea said...

Valarie - I wanted to be a mom too, but I wanted to have a career first. And, I agree, being a mom does give you a degree in medicine, for sure. hehe

All Things BD - I've been so excited to see you posting more over here! I enjoy your blog so much. It's hilarious. I bet that early childhood studies is REALLY helpful with your oodles. An optometrist, huh? That's interesting. Not one I picture for little girls. :o) But good!

Skeller/Susan - I inhaled the Nancy Drew books also, and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Anne of Green Gables. I even had a pretty dress that looked like it belonged in the movie and I wore it all the time.

Crystal Chick - That's hilarious you were going to be the best secretary ever! A good one is priceless, I understand. I think your current job handmaking jewelry and cards and such is wonderful. You're so creative, and it has to be a lot of fun! Let me know when you get a shop going online.

Laura - That's funny you resisted being a teacher for so long. Good teachers are golden in my book. Tutoring one-on-one has to be very rewarding. Your daughter sounds adorable.

Burfica - There's nothing wrong with wanting to get married and have lots of kids and animals! It's nice to know what you want and stick to it. No low standards in that.

Rhea said...

Dawn - Nancy Drew was awesome, sneaking around, solving mysteries. I wanted to be just like her. And, Dr. Quinn, a female doctor out in the wild west, how romantic and what a passion for healing! I loved them both.

Vi - So nice to meet you! I didn't know Giggle was your niece. I knew her VBF came from that though. I don't mind you stealing a meme at all! You can have it! I'll have to come check out your site. Thanks for coming by and introducing yourself.

Mama Bird Diaries - My husband would LOVE that doormat, serious. I don't know if I'd let him put it at the front door though...might scare away the girl scouts with their cookies.

Kim - That's so sweet your son wants to be a kindergarten teacher! A cop, huh? Too cool. I always thought being a cop or a fireman was such a noble profession. They both really appealed to me.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I'm not sure that I want to admit what I wanted to be :-) When I was six, I used to play with another girl...and she had makeup. I loved playing with her makeup - I didn't have it at my house. One day we were putting it on and her mom came in and said we looked like sluts. So...later I told my mom that I wanted to be a slut :-) Ya know...cause they wear make-up.

But really...I always wanted to be a teacher. And then I wanted to be a spy. And then I went back to a teacher...and wanted to get into academia. And now, I'm a mom and a teacher...and spy on my children. And hardly ever wear makeup.

Kiera said...

I LOVE how you've illustrated this blog.

I wanted to be a lot of things, like you, but I always knew I wanted to be a mother and that never wavered.

Be careful what you wish for!

Utter Basketcase said...


Hahaha yeah I've always wanted to be a Mummy! And now I finally am going to be one!!!


Chatterness said...

I wanted go into the career path of mortuary science. My parents saw it as morbid. What they didn't understand is that I wanted to help grieving people. I became a teacher because my mother was a teacher. I became a principal because my father's leadership skills inspired me.

Indy said...

My first career aspiration was a cashier at a grocery store. I then wanted to be president of our country. I also wanted to be a teacher.

I ended up being an administrator at a college before I changed my mind and became a SAHM. What will I be next? Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I haven't thought of this in years.

I love Anne of Green Gables too! A must read for anyone for girls.

Jules said...

Love the Nancy Drew books. I think I must have collected all of them too! And I remember that the local library didn't have them because they thought they weren't well written. That was very traumatic to hear!
Me? Astronaut. Vet. Teacher. Doctor.

And now you've changed from the state of Texas to a Texas cowgirl. Woo... hoo!

Oh, and I thought of you as I came across this.....
Did you know that in the sate of Texas it is illegal to spray graffiti on you neighbor's cow? Just in case you were, you know, contemplating that.

KG said...

I LOVE Anne of Green Gables! I remember actually going to Anne's house in Canada when I was a kid and I thought it was the COOLEST vacation ever.

Catherine said...

I like this pictures-wish-to-be post. Rhea, when I was young I read a book serie "Alice detective " of Caroline Quine her character looked like the one on your post. I was watching the "little house in the prairie", I thought your picture was Laura Ingalls!
Have a good week end

Andrea said...

I wnated to be the party/event planner like the one on the "Love Boat". Maybe I am a party planner of sorts-with five kids there is always a party or event looming.

When I first started at UT-Austin I wanted to be a journalist. I met a girl on the yearbook staff that introduced me to Speech-Language Pathology. I changed my major and loved it. Medical? Talking? Thinking? That's up my alley.

BTW- "The Secret of the Old Clock" was one of my first Nancy Drew reads. I loved her! I still have it...

Kathryn and Ari said...

Hi, Rhea-
So great to meet you. I too was a huge Nancy Drew fan (when I wasn't being Laura Ingills Wilder, of course).

I really loved this post--I look forward to visiting your blog again soon!

The CDM said...

Who says I want to grow up? If I do that, I have to commit to a decision. After I get out of college, hopefully the economy will have recovered and better yet, peaking. I need top dollar for me wanting to persue 2 bachelors and an MBA.

Rhea said...

Kat - Oh, my gosh, a slut. That's HILARIOUS (although your mom must have died). That is just so funny. I think I wanted to be a spy at one point too!! I forgot about that. I'm picturing you now as a mommy spy in slutty attire and TONS of make-up. hehe

Kiera - Thanks! I love the have lots of pictures with my posts (whether taken by me or clip art or whatever). That's awesome you always knew you wanted to be a mom. We never really, truly know what we're getting into with motherhood until we're there, right? lol

Giggle - Congrats! I really am so excited for you. I'm going to have to get your address soon to send you cute little Texas onsies and cowboy stuff. hehe

Rhea said...

Chatti Patti - That's too bad your parents didn't understand you. Kind of cool that your parents' professions shaped you into what you ended up doing though. What ages did you teach mainly? I really admire teachers.

Indy - Well, you don't aspire to much, now do you?! President of the US, huh? You go, girl!! I love our country where little kids can truly dream to be whatever they want...and there's hope of it being reality. Impressive. Anne of Green Gables is awesome, I agree.

Jules - I had every single one of those hardbacked yellow books. I inherited them from an aunt or something. I wish I still had them...and I wish I had girls to pass them down too! Maybe I need to start sending them to my nieces...although they'll probably think I'm a nutty aunt sending them that old bling or Internet or body art in those books. Just good old fashion mysteries.

And, um...I wish you had told me a little sooner that it was illegal to spray paint my neighbor's cow. Ooops. Does any know how to remove paint from cowhide?!!

Law Student Hot Mama - NO WAY!! You went to Anne of Green Gables house?! That's totally awesome!!

Catherine - I don't know the Alice Detective series, but it sounds good. I did enjoy Little House on the Prairie too, but now as much as the ones I mentioned.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Rhea said...

Andrea - Love the Love Boat idea as a party planner!! lol That's too funny. I bet you never imagined living in Germany with five kids either?!!

Kathryn & Ari - Thanks for stopping by! And, do come back anytime! Anyone who loves Nancy Drew is a friend of mine.

Complaint Department Manager - I hate to tell you this, but two degrees and an MBA don't necessarily guarantee you a top dollar job, but you've probably got a lot better shot than most of us. lol Don't ever grow up! Too much responsibility!!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed reading this and the comments as well.

I always wanted to make art..I was in real estate for years, but I never forgot my dream of making art. Decided to take a little art forward I went on to earn a BFA in painting / drawing. I am now a professional studio artist and plein air painter. I continue my studies locally and in Italy. The main thing is I am finally making art..and I am happier than I even IMAGINED!

I only tell you this to is NEVER too late! I started my art journey at age 40!! :)

New adventures seem to run in my Aunt and Uncle retired and started a blue grass band. They eventually made a couple of CD's. hee, hee.

So again I say it is NEVER TOO LATE. If you aren't changing you're dying.

If you really wish to be a doctor then you will!

I like the energy here!! :)