Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Blogging Identity Crisis

I'm having an identity crisis. I want to change my blog around, but I need imput from readers. I have been changing profile and header pictures like it's a game of musical chairs, and I think it would be best if I found something good and stuck with it.

The current name of my blog is Word Tangle with the quote "A swirl of words tangled with human emotions." Writing is my biggest passion, so I was going with that theme. However, now that I've been at this a few months, I have different ideas.

I think it would be good to focus on Texas as a theme as well as writing. I'm a native Texan. I've lived here all my life. I grew up on a ranch, I lived in Austin (the capital city) for years, and I love Texas. So, should I come up with a new blog title focusing on this? I think it would draw readers in...and my goal is to attract readers and have fun with this...all the while fulfilling my need to write and entertain people with stories.

Hmmmm...How about Texas Word Wrangler? (It makes me picture a lasso roping up a herd of words). I like it.

What about Texas Ink Slinger? Or Texas Storyteller? I just don't know. I need to ponder on it some more. Any good ideas? My creative juices have melted in this heat wave we've had lately.

Then there's the header (the picture at the top of the blog, for those of you who don't speak Blog). This field of flowers has been my header for a while now:

And, then, yesterday I went and changed it to this water scene:

My fingers are itching though, and I could just as easily have this barn as a new header by tomorrow....what do you think?
Or this iron state of Texas sign could be a good header....I've used it as a profile picture before.

I'd love a Texas themed header. Ideally, I'd like a row of boots...colorful, worn-in, faded old cowboy boots lined up in a row. I'd really like that, but haven't found a picture that meets my expectations for it yet.

Then there's the issue of my profile picture. These are some of the cowgirls I've been using.

This is the cartoon cowgirl. She's fun...but perhaps not what I'm looking for. It's a little too youthful.

This next cowgirl is sexy and vintage, definitely more mature...but not exactly right either.

This one's cute too...I'm using her currently but maybe, here's a real novel idea, I need to use a real photo of ME? You tell you prefer cutesy profile pics that obviously aren't the person in real life or do you prefer to see the real person behind the blog? I could always dude myself up, curl my hair and put on a cowboy hat to do my own cowgirl photo...what do you think?

So, as you can see, I'm having a major identity crisis. I want to change my blog, and this is your change to give me some imput. I can't promise I'll like it or use it, but I'll listen for sure.

Help a writing Texas cowgirl out, y'all. Yeehaaaw!!


Jules said...

If you can't decide on one picture, why not go with three at the top, set at angles. You could rotate them at will.

And how about

Tall Texas Tales

Tales from Big Sky Country

A Tangle of Texas Tales

Rhea's World

As for pictures: I thing the should reflect the atmosphere of what you want to convey in your blog. So do you want people to know that you are going to write mainly about Texas, of about our family and its happenings? The pick a picture that conveys it. Personally i usually like a picture of a person, even if it is a mysterious half profile. (Except in my case however -
cause there is no way that I'm showing my face - it might scare people! LOL)

Unknown said...

I like Texas Word Wrangler or hows about Big/Tall Tales from Texas! They say everything's bigger in Texas, even I know that now..LOL

i beati said...

I read a lot of Texans -panhandle poet etc,

I personally like the barn with Texas iron on it as to the Title ???hmnn You might look at Texans and I believe they have a Texas blogging group as well. Don't forget me though hahah Have a great weekend sandy

i beati said...

I'ver changed mine a lot too . I was daisyville, So many Blessings, etc here's a goody

Valarie Lea said...

I like the Texas word wrangler. Do you think you are gonna get Darcy to do you a blog design? I bet she could make you up a cute one. Maybe with a cute cowgirl roping a bunch of words.

Kiera said...

Texas Word Wrangler is perfect! Love it. As for the colorful boots all lined up in a row...I'll keep my eyes peeled and my camera ready for such a shot. Then I'll send it your way. Lastly, I personally like the barn with the horse. Thats just my opinion. Good luck with your changes, change is good.

Anonymous said...

I like Texas Word Wrangler but also Big Tall Tales from Texas!!

Or... Rhea the Wrangler.

Cindy said...

I also like the Texas Word Wrangler - and I'd really like to know how to change or even put a picture at the top of a blog!

Can you change your pictures seasonally? I like the barn pic - looks like this time of year.

I like seeing the real person in the profile picture.

I've just discovered blogs and didn't realize how many incredibly talented people are out there - I'm so glad people want to share!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Okay...I'll be different. I like the Ink slinger one :-) Are you in Darcy's queue? She will have you go over to this website to look for images - because you have to be sure that they are paid for unless they are your own. I cannot recall the site where she sent me - I'm sure if you email her, she can send you to the right spot before she's ready to work on yours.

And for images - you have to do blue bonnets!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh...and I like profile pictures that are really of the person.

Melissa said...

I like Texas Word Wrangler... with the texas background and the cowgirl getting the mail :)

KG said...

Make sure you don't read my future Totally Incensed Tuesday on Texas! Heh. That's my thought for you . . .

Catherine said...

Sorry, Rhea, (too bad you don't get accent because written like this : Réa , there wouldn't be any mistake about pronunciation) I really can't help you concerning title, or image, I lack of your american culture to advise.
But I can give you a personal advice : I like to see the people whom I'm speaking to. For real, in picture.
Good week-end

Angie's Spot said...

I'm with the majority in that Texas Word Wrangler is my fave. And I like a cool pic of the actual writer. Says the woman with a dog as her photo. Ok, I didn't say I liked MY pic, but we're not talking about me. :-)

Anonymous said...

definitely your own photo. but that doesn't mean you can't have an avatar (like mine!) I like Jane Wyman.
Love the barn photo. I thought whoever suggested the seasonal photo change had a good idea there.
I'm usually pretty good w/ catchy titles...I'll do some thinkin' and a-ponderin'. And, typo/syntax queen that I am I can't let you continue to use "imput" imcorrectly...LOL (Unless you were doing it on purpose to make it sound like a Texan accent? Of so, then...cute!)

Chatterness said...

How about "Little Girl Yee-Haw!" J/k.....I'm teasing ya! You're young...make it somewhat historical with a little sexy twist to it!!

Rhea said...

Jules - Oh, I have to put up a profile but you won't? No fair! I date do it, I'll do it. :o)

Britgal Sarah - Everything is bigger in Texas...well, everything cool that is. lol We have a big rivalry with Oklahoma, you know. Well, I don't, but my hubby's family, better watch out for them.

I Beati/Sandy - Panhandle poet? That's a good one. I'll have to visit that blog. Good idea about browsing other Texas blogs. I don't want to copy anyone directly, so maybe I should know what's out there.

Valarie - I kind of like the Texas Word Wrangler too. I would LOVE to get Darcy to do my design...she still has a notice on her blog saying her queue is full...

Kiera - Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled for the boots picture. I really want one. You take amazing photos! I like the barn picture too.

Rhea said...

Cotton Wife - Rhea Wrangler has a nice ring to it! Thanks!!

Cindy - Do you know how to go to your Blogger dashboard? You click on "layout" and then it takes you to a page where you can change your header photo and change your sidebar content, etc.

Kat - I want to be in Darcy's queue but she isn't taking people right now. I'm waiting for it to open up. Maybe if I make a donation I could get in the line...I don't know what website your talking about for images, I'll email her and ask. Bluebonnets are a great idea!

Motherhood for Dummies - Thanks for your imput on headers and profile pics! I really appreciate it. I like those too.

Tranny Head - Uh, oh, you aren't going to take on Texas, are you? I laughed at the Indiana (or was it Iowa?) rant, but you can't do Texas!!! grrrrrr

Catherine - I like to see real profile pics too. I think I'm going to have to get a real photo done well...I don't have any really great photos of myself.

Rhea said...

Angie - It cracks me up that everyone likes real life profile pics but so many people don't. lol I love your pic of your dog though (Chloe, right?)

Uberburber - Seasonal photo changes are a good idea. Definitely let me know if you come up with a good catchy title.

Chatti Patti - Little Girl Yee Haw is a little scary! lol I like historical sexy.

Thank you so much EVERYONE for your input. I really appreciate it! I am going to have to come up with a real profile pic and ponder things for a while. :o)

Utter Basketcase said...

ahhh we all go through this!!!

I actually LOVE the piccy of the horse!!!

And for your profile pic... well they are ALL awesome!!! But eventually I'd like have you in one of my RAT GiRL scenes... and in that case, the cartoon girl would be awesome to use as your avatar!!! But then again... the others would be usable too! :-)



Rhea said...

Giggles / Rae - Oh, I'd love to be featured in your Rat Girl adventures!! I'll loan you whatever picture you want. lol I'm going to take some better photos of myself soon to put in the profile.

Andrea said...

I'm late on this, but I like the Texas part in the title. I like seeing different pics changed occasionally. I know what you mean about the changing often thing. I have been doing that, but not so often lately after I lost some info during the "move". I think I will pay for a blog design soemtime, but I am afraid that I will want to change that later, too. I just like change!

I like seeing the real person pic, but having said that, my pic is obviously not me. I can't really find a good pic that I like of me, or need to figure out how to crop the ones I have. Can you do that with photoshop?

~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm late to the party but here are my thoughts:

1. Love "Texas Word Wrangler"!
2. I change up the look/header/colors on my blog all the time. Roughly once a month-ish. It's my way of "changing seasons" since I no longer live in New England. If you want to keep with a uniform theme but still like change, what about a new Texas-themed header photo every so often?
3. I think a photo of you all cowgirl-ed up would be fun!

Rhea said...

Andrea and Dawn, thank you so much for your feedback!! It helps!!