Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baseball ready

I love the term "Baseball Ready" and it's a good thing because it's all I hear these days. Before I get into that though, let me say this. Things have been busy here. Crazy busy. I just downloaded over 200 pictures from my camera, and that's only from the last three days. I tend to take a LOT of pictures in order to get a few good ones, you know.

I need to post about a lot of things, but for now, here's a quick wrap up from the week.

The dog threw up and pooped in the house, on different days.

Our front door fell off. Completely. I should have taken a picture of that but I forgot while I was hyperventilating.

When my Land Rover died last week, I had a rental car for a couple of days and when I turned it back in, I accidently left my garage door opener in it. When I went back to find it, turns out they have a huge box FULL of garage door openers. Who knew? So, with the front door broken and the garage door opener missing, I had a hard time getting in my house. Did I panic? YES.

My older son, Donny, who's eleven-years-old has discovered he needs braces and glasses. Luckily he was cool about both and isn't freaking out...although his mother, (yes, ME) who saw the bills for both, has been on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He has also made the decion to start playing football for the first time and will be starting the trombone in middle school band. Did I mention he starts middle school in the fall? I'm feeling old, but my birth certificate swears I'm 31. I think it's just trying to placate me so I don't start growing grey hair yet.

I dumped a cup full of bird seed down my shirt by accident when I was refilling the bird feeder. Apparently our birds are ravenous, bottomless-stomached beasts. I was sweaty at the time and that darn bird seed stuck like clingwrap. I'm sure there's still some in my bra...I lose things in my more than ample bosom all the time.

I'm having to wash sheets on three different beds because everyone had urine accidents over the last two days. Well, not everyone. The dog and I managed to contain our bladders. Oh, and hubby too.

OH, and this ball has been hanging from my ceiling for about two weeks now. Anyone want to take bets on how much longer it will remain up there?

Yesterday, my six-year-old Remy had another game. His team, the Cubs, played the Giants. Here he is on the field, twirling.

We decided to bring Annie to the game with us because she loves being with the boys. She was pretty good, and it was really hot.

Here's one of those "Baseball Ready" positions. My Remy makes it to first base every time. He's a good hitter.

But, when it's his team's turn at the outfield, he sometimes gets a little bored. You see, not all 5 and 6 year olds are good hitters, so sometimes there's no action in the field...

Annie kept getting caught up in her leash. She didn't know how to handle it, so she was just look at us, panting, and freeze...not sure what to do. We had to take pity on her and untangle her.

over and over and over again. I think it was her version of Doggy Twister.

Here's my man, who drove an hour in bad traffic from Dallas, where he is a family attorney by day, to the baseball fields in suburbia to watch his son play. What a sweetie! He was really hot in that suit. I was sweating in my tank top.

Annie did it again. Maybe she needs to go to doggy school or something...

Look at Remy make this awesome catch! He's playing first base, and he caught this ball and got the other team's runner out. YAY, Remy!! Awesome play!! Love the expression on his face.

Here's the soon-to-be braces-wearing, glasses-wearing, trombone-playing, football-player, AKA, my older son, Donny, who is in dire need of a haircut, but he likes it long.

And, he took pity on Annie and untied her so she could go run around with him during the game a little. I love that color shirt on Donny. It looks so good with his coloring and brings out his blue eyes.

And, that's the end of the game and this long post...but I'll leave you with one last picture. Notice what my son is holding onto, besides his glove.
They start young, don't they?


GoMommy said...

Your boys are so handsome!
I couldn't tell you how many days I've had like the one you described! Deep breaths and the ability to laugh at yourself are precious gifts!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I can't get past the part where your front door fell off. How on earth does that happen? :)

Rhea said...

Go Mommy - Thank you for the handsome boys comment! I agree, a sense of humor and deep breaths are the only way to get through these types of days...or weeks.

Vader's Mom - The screws came out of the had kind of been sagging a little, I figured we needed new srews and then bam, it just came apart. Shocking.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

What a week. All that poop, puke, and pee. I think I'd hide for a very long time. And use the above as leverage to get that housekeeper. Or something. And just to add to your anxiety...I just tagged you. :-)

Angie's Spot said...

Your door fell off?!?! ROFLMAO! I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing near you. :-) Sorry you've had a rough week. I'm with Kat...use this for leverage for the case for a housekeeper! And keep up that great attitude!

KG said...

I'm laughing about the dog pooping and barfing in the house on different days. We've all been there. Why can't we train animals to barf and poop in the toilet?!

the mama bird diaries said...

You had a CRAZY mama week.

Loving that dog getting wrapped up in her leash. She looks so cute.

Jeff B said...

My favorite picture?...Dad making it to his son's baseball game. I love it when parents will make the time for thier kids activities. Nice going dad!

Oh and by the way, your dog is a dork. As a yellow lab owner too, I mean that in a loving, yet laughing way.

Jennifer S said...

Wow, that's a lot of craziness for one week! Our refrigerator door fell off one day, but the front door is worse.

I love it when my husband wears a suit, too.

Baseball ready? Sure. But I'd say right now you're prepared for just about anything.

Rhea said...

Kat - Thanks for the tag! I've thrown so many memes your way that I deserved a one. Sometimes I hide in my closet when things get out of control.

Angie - I know, it's funny our door fell off...NOW. At the time I was NOT laughing.

Tranny Head - At least our Annie keeps having these accidents on the tile instead of the carpet. Good thing Sumo baby isn't here or he might be eating more than carpet fuzz. lol

Mama Bird Diaries - I'm so glad this week is wrapping up. Things can only get better, right?!

Jeff - My hubby really tries to make all the kids games if he can. He sees what happens to families in his law practice, dealing with nasty divorces and child custody cases every day. It's tough.

And, yes, my dog is a total dork. lol We love her so much, but she's slightly retarded sometimes...and I say that as lovingly as possible. Sometimes she's a genius but that day...NOT.

Thanks for coming by!

Rhea said...

Jennifer - My hubby wears a suit every day to work, and he looks very handsome in it. I'm so glad I don't have to wear one every day though. Your refrigerator door fell off? That's a weird occurance!! lol Did you see it coming or was it a shock?

Kiera said...

Sounds like a crazy week. I totally understand. Also, so true about the pictures, you literally have to take a million to get a couple gems.

Utter Basketcase said...

You take the best pics!!! xx

Chatterness said...

Dear Donnie: Do NOT let mommy take you in for a haircut! Your hair is absolutely "magazine style" hip! Love it! Also, stay in band FOREVER! You'll love it and always have a band family surrounded by you.

Dear Remy: Big leagues are waiting for you, kiddo! You've got that "baseball look" going on! Keep up the good work!

Dear Annie: Please call the Dog Whisperer ASAP! Peeing and pooping is NOT allowed on beds, carpets or hardwood floors. What were you thingking?

Dear Attorney Hubby: I want to sue my son for not keeping his room clean then demanding $$$$$ from me like I owe him something. Where do I begin?

Dear Ray-uh: Get the ball off the wall already!!! LOL

Rhea said...

Kiera - I have a feeling you don't have to take a million photos to get a couple of gems. You have way too many gems. :o)

Giggles/Rae - Thank you for the compliment! I'm amazed you made it over to my blog because I know how icky that little Belly Bean has been making you feel.

Chatti Patti - You crack me up! I really should grab a stool or step ladder and get that ball down, but I find it amazing it's still hanging've got to admire it's tenacity. I'm curious how long it can hang...

Skeller said...

Rhea -
You are the BEST at telling photo stories. Thanks for making me smile :-)
Sorry your week was filled with ever so many frustrating circumstances (tho, again, you manage to spin them into a pretty funny story; so, at least, you get some blog fodder from them, eh? ;-)
Hope this coming week is much much better!

Rhea said...

Susan - Thank you so much for your compliment!! YOU made me smile! It's been a wild week or two, and this week is going to be the kids' last week of school. Boy, oh boy, summer is here, whether I'm ready for it or not. :o)

Catherine said...

Very busy, you're right!
Seems like Donny has an identity crisis too, just like mom! He is beginning so many activities. Maybe, he's just growing!
You found a new interior decoration, I see, no more doors, ball hanging from the ceiling, very fashion!

Rhea said...

Catherine - LOL It does sound like we're remodeling around here or starting new fasions with the hanging ball from the ceiling and the door falling off. Maybe we'll start a new craze. Who needs front doors?! Southern Hospitality, right?

i beati said...

I'm the ticket seller and greeter for our baseball here locally. I had forgotten how cute the early mannish stances are for the little old is the older son?He resembles a boy I tutored this year. and of course that special dog- camera critter great too sandy

carrie said...

I'm feeling your pain on the dog excrement issues. I cleaned so many pee spots today. So many.

Rhea said...

I Beati - my older son is 11. I love watching him and my six-year-old play baseball. It's so much fun!!

Carrie - Oh,, dear about the pee spots. Annie usually doesn't pee in the house. We almost had her a year and this was her first pee accident. She's had a few poop incidents but only because we didn't let her out before we left for the day. Our fauly. :o(

bestseller said...

Your boys are so cute :P

He made me smile :)


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