Wednesday, February 27, 2008

China Cove

If I could jump into this photo, I would! When I turned 30 last April, my mom took me on a special birthday trip to California, to share the beauty of the Monterey Bay/Carmel/Big Sur area since I had never been there before. It was an AMAZING trip, and I took zillions of photos. This picture is from our hike at Point Lobos State Preserve in Carmel. I'm sure I'll be posting pictures from this trip on and off all the time because the scenery was just so photographic!
I plan on decorating the walls in my home with framed pictures from this of those projects I plan but haven't managed to complete yet. I've got lots of those...projects planned but uncompleted, I mean. My To Do list is a mile long, I swear. Do you keep a To DO list? I can't imagine life without one. I keep a notebook full of them, crossing them off as I complete them, adding more as I go.
Anyway, back to the picture. I wish I was hiking through Point Lobos right now with my family. The weather was wonderful, the scenery gorgeous and I'm so jealous of people who live there...although I'm not wild about the thought of earthquakes. That's a huge deterrant actually. My younger sister just moved to this area, and I can't wait to go visit her. She's having the time of her life exploring the area. I miss her!!!
Everyone needs to have a China Grove picture (or wherever appeals to you) posted near their computer or on their desk to remind them of the beauty of nature and to escape into just for a few moments. It's refreshing, it brings back memories, and has me planning my next vacation! I am using this photo as my desktop background on my computer right now.


Rachel Harlin said...

What a beautiful photo. You posted on my site so I thought I'd check you're blog out too. They both are wonderful! Thanks for your comment. It was nice to (kind of) meet you. Feel free to check out my site any time!

Cannon said...

Looks like a beautiful place. Would love to go there.

Enjoyed your comment regarding to do lists - I could not survive without them!

Liked reading your blog!

Chatterness said...

Wow! That is stunning! I don't see anyone swimming there. Why?

Rhea said...

Hey, guys, thanks for your comments! No one is swimming there for two reasons. One it is closed off due to Seal birthing season (you can't see it, but seals are on the beach) and two, it's way too freaking cold!! I took this picture in Carmel, California.

Kiera said...

I want to jump into this photo too...if only life was like Mary Poppins and we really could do that...

I love to do lists. I write things down that I've already completed just so that I can put a line through it and feel like I've accomplished something useful!

Thanks for reading my blog Rhea and for your comments. I really appreciate it!

Rhea said...

Kiera, I would love to jump into pictures too. What fun that would be.

I definitely think a big part of writing TO DO lists is that great feeling of crossing things out. I love that.

Thanks for stopping by!