Thursday, February 21, 2008

Greeks and the Rainforest

This is a photo from my trip last summer to The Dallas World Aquarium in Dallas, Texas. (
One of their main exhibits is this Rainforest. It is a four-story tour, starting with the top, the canopy, where you can see exotic birds and monkeys hanging out. As you work your way down, you pass a sloth, see a crocodile cave, view poison dart frogs and vampire bats and eventually end up by the river where there are huge fish, turtles and the star attraction, manatees. There is even a level below the water, where you can see into the river through an entire glass wall. It is just an incredible experience. If you are ever in Dallas, you should visit. I'm not even bringing up the jackass penguins or the aquariums featuring an example from every country. This place is amazing.

So, what does this rainforest have to do with the Greeks? They are both in aquariums. The above rainforest is in the Dallas Aquarium and in my home aquarium reside four fish named after Greek Gods.

Ok, the aquarium belongs to my eleven year old, and the four fish are his. He named them Zeus, Ares, Athena and Goldie (the odd one out). However, Ares has just bit the dust, our first casulty.

Why Greek Gods? Well, every night for about a month, I read Greek myths to my son before bedtime. He ate them up. Loved 'em. And, they make great pet names. When I was in high school we had a mammoth Mastiff named Vesta, guardian god of the hearth. She was a gentle giant.

So, that's the connection between the Greeks and the Rainforest, at least in my mind.

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