Monday, February 25, 2008

Tag, you're it.

The flu has hit our household. Despite the flu shot, my six-year-old son, Remy, has come down with it, poor little guy. We were told it hopefully wouldn't be as bad as it could be since he had the shot. Also, we caught it quickly, so he was able to go on the anti-viral medication.

He's been down and out, aching all over, coughing, diarrhea, throw-up, the works. I'm hoping the rest of the family doesn't catch it...

Wish us luck!!


Anonymous said...

HI Rhea!

Sending you and your family my best wishes! Hope they are feeling better!

Always great to meet a fellow writer. You must be so busy, between being a mom, a writer and college!

Looking forward to your future posts :)

take care


Rhea said...

Thanks, Janete!

Andrea said...

Hello C0-Texan!
Thanks for the comment! I took a quick peek at your blog, you're a new blogger also. I will have to look up Lahn Lake (sp?)-we need to get out and explore more.

I went to grad school In Denton, but lived in Lewisville. North Texas is a nice area, and close enough to Dallas. I really liked it! I hear that the areas around Dallas have really grown. I also went to UT-Austin, and will be visiting friends there this summer. It's nice that you are familiar with the same areas. Take care!

Rhea said...

Thanks, Andrea! Dallas is exploding in population, especially the suburbs.

We stayed on the Lahn River, in Bauldinstein (s?), a tiny village that was adorable!