Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is the most amazing drama on television. EVER!!

Let me start by saying that I didn't watch the first season of this show when it premiered. It didn't sound like something I was interested in: plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island. Then I eventually tuned in because I heard some interesting buzz about the show, and I was sucked in immediately.

The musical score for the show is incredible. It is performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphany Orchestra and composed by Michael Giacchino (who also did music for the show ALIAS and for the movie THE INCREDIBLES).

The show is filmed in Hawaii, which is obviously one of the most beautiful backdrops possible.

The cast is huge, which leaves room for lots of character interactions (and slowly revealing cioncidental unlikely character connections). Relationships are essential. The first few seasons are largely character motivated, which each episode focusing on one character with flashbacks to their life before the crash. The characters are flawed, all having major struggles in their lives. Their arrival on the island has given them a chance for change and to confront themselves and their issues. The discover mysterious inhabitants, The Others, and they find evidence of the DHARMA Initiative research stations throughout the island. This is no ordinary island.

The show explores huge issues like good versus evil, fate versus free will and faith versus science. Unlike most TV shows, they don't tell you WHAT to think. They leave it up to you. Each show brings up tons of questions...each episode might answer a little, but ask even more questions by the time it's over. It's a show that allows you to think for yourself and encourages thought long after it's over. Fans could spend hours researching electromagnetism or various other scientific ideas broached and essential to understanding the island.

Comedic relief is ever present and I find myself laughing out loud at some of the characters' actions and remarks. Some characters are con men, and I am forever trying to figure out if they pulling a con or not...and the bad guys...they can be really bad. In a delicious, bad, finger-licking way you'll love.

And, each episode reveals more clues...some obvious, some in the background that you have to really search for and study. There are so many fan sites devoted to exploring every possible clue and meaning. It is easy to get sucked in.

I could go on and on, and I probably will, but for now, this is my introductory speel on my favorite show ever. Run. Don't walk, RUN to your nearest video store and rent Season One. I dare you not to get hooked. The mythology, the intelligence, the leaves you wanting more.



CrystalChick said...

Hello! Stumbled upon your blog by way of 'Aerosmith' mentions and found your post on LOST. We don't answer the phone or talk to anyone during the show. Even our little grandson barely gets noticed for that hour or two and he's extremely cute. LOL
We didn't watch it's premiere either, saw part of the first show of it's second year and immediately went out and got the first season. Pretty much watched all the back episodes within a few days. My head spins thinking of all the characters and references to things.
Have a nice weekend.

Rhea said...

I always love talking to fellow LOST addicts. All the possible theories and character connections and mysteries have my mind boggled as well. It's a great show!