Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not Parenting at its Finest

Yesterday was not parenting at its finest.

 My teenage son was sick with strep throat, so I worked from home in order to take him to the doctor, get meds and make sure he was okay. He was grumpy, but bearable.

However, when my 10-yr-old son returned home from school, that's when the fun began. Grumpy, sick, restless teenage son started messing with his little brother, who is notoriously short-fused.

Little brother lost his temper and kicked older brother in the knee ... older brother's inured knee. Older brother lost it and smacked younger brother back ... which had me jumping into the argument, yelling, the dog hurrying from the room due to all the angry noise.

Moments like these make me wonder what I'm doing wrong. or right.
Am I raising heathens?
How much to punish, who to punish?
What could I have done preventably to keep this from happening in the first place?
Is it even possible to keep this from happening?
Why are boys so physical?

Please tell me other people have moments like this with their children.

Moments where they want to tear out their hair and lock up their kids in the closet and seal their mouths with duct tape.

Parenting it hard, yo.


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Monica said...

not just moments sometimes days. weeks. parenting: that's why it starts with labor. ;o)