Friday, November 2, 2012

I Don't Drink

I don't really drink.
I'm not against drinking,
but I just really don't drink alcohol.

I don't buy it.
I don't have it in my home.

Maybe because I have had some alcoholics in my life?

I really never drink,
Except on a rare occasion ...

like the one a few months back
when I saw these adorable, individual-sized wine bottles
at the grocery store.

So, I picked up a couple,
bought them,
took them home
and put them in the refrigerator
to promptly forget about them
for months.

Until tonight.

Tonight, I decided I felt like a little wine.
I had to hunt through my refrigerator to find those tiny bottles.

About halfway through one bottle,
I was done,
that was enough.

And then my 10-year-old found it and looked shocked.
(I told you, I never drink)
Then he ran to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.
When he came back to me, he said, "Darnit, we don't have any orange juice."


He continued, "We can't make mimosas."


"Remy, how do you know what mimosas are? When have you had a mimosa?"

He game me a little smile and said, "Oh, I've had one before, they're great."



amy said...

Well, he does have a point, they are lovely. ;o)

Kristine said...

Lol what a clever one he is!

Rhea said...

So true, Amy!
Thanks, Kristine! He's a stinker.