Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dog Sitting, A Piece of Cake, Right?

As our plans for Thanksgiving solidified this fall,
I knew I needed to find a place for our sweet Annie to stay while we were out of town.

I called our vet early on, and was surprised to discover they were full!
Weeks in advance!
And I was a few animals deep into the waiting list.

After a lot of calling around and worrying,
it hit me that I have a friend who might be willing to help.
She was wonderfully willing to dog sit.
I was so relieved.

I figured Annie would be easy, a piece of cake
 ... but of course, she proved me wrong.

While we were gone:

She shed a massive amount of hair on a daily basis. 
She threw up. 
She developed an ear infection and shook her head non-stop, 
causing her collar to rattle all night. 
She threw up again. 
She snored loudly. 
She threw up yet again. 

No problem, right?

Our friend deserves a medal!

Any good dog-sitting stories?


1 comment:

Unknown said...

When Kami was still with us, our friend Rob came to get her because we had left early, and he couldn't make it over right away to pick her up. We left her alone in the house. When he came over, there was diarrhea all over the white, dining room carpet. The poor guy spent 4 hours trying to clean it.