Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I've Learned as a Baseball Mom

I'm not a soccer mom these days
(although both my boys played when they were younger).

I'm now a football mom and a baseball mom.

And as a Baseball Mom, I've learned a few very important things.

1. Don't park your car too close to the field. Balls can travel quite a distance.
2. Don't try to catch a ball without a baseball glove. It hurts. Bad.
3. Bleachers are hard on the rear end after an hour and a half.
4. the dishwasher is a great place to wash sports cups.
5. I love watching my son play baseball.
6. New Terminology: balk, line drive, grounder

 What sports are your kids involved in?
What have you learned from your kids' sports.


1 comment:

Modesto said...

Hello, My daughter is in X country and soccer. MY son in football. I enjoyed all three sports and the pleasure to watch game for a cheap price. The kids growth healthy and they are preocupied. Overall is the best thing we have done. I concurr with you on the parking, cleaning the water bottle, etc.