Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flash Cards & WiFi

In the last week, my boys have gone through 2 packs of flashcards.

My 10-year-old needed them to make a book report mobile project.
He read Gregor and Marks of Secret,
then filled out a flashcards on main characters,
which we hung from a coat hanger.

This involved yarn, hole punchers, and about 20 flashcards.
I wish I'd taken a picture!

My 15-year-old has been making flashcards for his AP World History class.
In fact, he had to make about 70 cards last night,
but when we got home, the Internet was out in our area!!
So, like any modern day parent, I just dropped him off at Starbucks
so he could work in a good , productive atmosphere with WiFi.

Our only choices (proximity-wise) were Starbucks and McDonalds.

I use flashcards to make grocery lists or To Do lists.
And to study vocabulary.
When I was in school, flashcards were the handiest tool for memorizing and learning things.
Spanish vocab? check.
History events? check.
Periodic table? check.

What do you remember using flashcards for?
Are your kids using them now?



Melizzard said...

You should try out my kids use it to make for vocab and spelling flashcards all the time! I adore it because it also have a great game and testing system that they can customize to practice with the words.

Rhea said...

Thanks! I'll check it out. Sounds great!