Tuesday, October 16, 2012

IcyHot & Donuts

With my teenager playing high school football,
he comes home every day covered in bruises and sore all over.
Ice packs and ibuprofen have become a staple with dinner.

And, then I bought IcyHot,
which he has me rub all over his upper back and neck.

It smells good, but I learned an important lesson last night.
Never slather IcyHot all over someone,
and then a little bit later, scratch your nether regions.

The result leads to surprising numbness in unexpected areas.

In other news, my dog woke me up at 1am last night
because she needed to go outside.

That's not normal.

This morning, I discovered why.

She made a late night discovery of donuts and ate half a box!

IcyHot and Donuts.
Dangerous things.


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