Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Survival Skills of a Pampered Labrador Retriever

The Survival Skills of a Pampered Labrador Retriever

 I'm not so sure my pampered Labrador, Annie, could make make it on her own ... her survival skills are lacking. Princess Annie-Pie. Case in point:

1. Foraging for Food: She tries to chase rabbits, but to date, she's never actually caught one. And, she might never live this one down in the canine community, but she has actually laid on a bed and let rabbits jump around her!

2. Living in nature: She doesn't like to get her paws wet. Or go out in the rain. If she gets muddy at all, she immediately starts grooming. She uses stepping stones and seems to prefer the sidewalk.

3. Mating: She's friendly with other dogs, but she's not that interested in them. She's more likely to steal their bone, tennis ball or squeaky toy. (Also, she's fixed.)

 I'm afraid Annie just doesn't have what it takes to make it in the wild.

Her real skill? She probably holds the world record in longest attempt at begging for pizza ... and fastest ever response to the sound of a bag of chips being opened. Gotta love her.

Have you seen the Tumblr site called DogShaming? If you love dogs, you'll get a kick out it. Dog owners send in photos of their pets with hand-written statements of their shameful crimes.



SharleneT said...

I think we've taken those skills right out of our pets and that's why I go into a total panic when mine goes missing. They can no longer protect themselves. But, the skills they've acquired do see to it that they are fed regularly, enjoy the comforts of a warm bed and fresh sheets and can make us get up out of our chairs whenever they want! You gotta love it! Come visit when you can.

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