Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Day My Kindle Died

I've already shared before my thoughts about the Kindle.

And in the year and eight months since I received my Kindle for Christmas, it's become an essential in my life.
It lives in its purple case in my purse.
And goes with me everywhere.

I read a LOT people.
I read over 80 books last year.
Going for 100 this year.

Some of those books are bought on Amazon,
others are borrowed from the public library through their e-book lending system.
It's wonderful.

So that makes today a sad day.
It's the Day My Kindle Died.

It's unresponsive.
Stuck on it's screen saver of John Steinbeck.
And after lots of charging and trouble shooting, on the phone with Amazon trying to figure it out, Amazon called time of death.

And you know what else they told me?
Kindles under a year old get replaced for free,
but since mine was 1 year and 8 months ... no replacement for me.

I can buy a new one at a discounted price.

I haven't dropped it.
It hasn't gotten wet.
It's used a LOT, but it stays safe in its case.
It's treated well.

It died in under two years and NO REPLACEMENT?
No Bueno.

I'm seriously disappointed in Amazon.


Alicia said...

That's horrible, you were in just under the wire! Hopefully you will be able to replace it soon.

Melizzard said...

I've come to the conclusion that all these lovely gadgets we are so addicted to are only really made to last slightly more than then warranty period. The screen on my beloved iPhone has started malfunctioning right at contract renewal/new release time. Imagine.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Oh..totally stinks. I would call never know if you'll get a good customer service person.

If not. Maybe let it chill for a couple days and try again. That's what ended up working with ours.

Jenny Starley said...

I sincerely can't imagine my life without my's become a part of me.