Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Elementary School Black Market

Yesterday was the first day of school in our part of North Texas,
the end of a rough summer,
and I couldn't wait to hear how the day went for my boys.

My younger son had a really rough summer, involving various medical issues and surgery.
And he was very nervous about returning to school and handling his chronic nausea issues.

I gave him medication before he left for school.
We talked about how he'd handle things if he started to feel sick.
I worried about him all day.
Hoped things were going well.

 However, when I picked him up,
one of the first things he said ...

was that he had traded two Hexbugs for a Pokemon game.

Guess the first day was a success.

Did you know that there was an elementary school black market?
Did you ever trade things at school?
What has your child come home with?


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Keys to the Magic Travel said...

What is a hexbug?! My kids trade lunch items. And at the middle school, the kids earned themed rubber ducks through their magazine sales - those are traded rampantly.