Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Confession: My Foursquare Addiction

It's time to admit that I have an addiction
Well, I have many addictions, 
but the one I'm talking about today is my addiction to Foursquare.

What is foursquare?
It's a smartphone app where members can note their locations with their phone 
and can find out where friends are. 

You earn points for every check in.
You can leave tips and read other people's tips.
You can upload photos. 
You can unlock specials.

Foursquare has 20 million registered users.

I've been an active fourquare user for well over a year. Maybe closer to two years. 
I currently have 30 mayorships and 28 badges.
My highest points in one week was 346 points.

 I'm competitive. 
I check-in everywhere.
During my long morning commute to work, I check-in to intersections. 

I like being able to see where friends are going and where they've been.
I guess it makes me feel less alone?

I've checked-in at my children's schools, my local gas station, my grocery store, my mom's house, Target, Walgreens and anything and everything in between.

I realized that I had addiction when I checked-in 
at the emergency room with my sick child.
I'm not proud of that moment.

So, I've decid
ed to detox.
To completely quit.

 The only reason I might still occasionally use it is to unlock specials.
"Specials" are when businesses offer discounts and freebies when you check-in. 

That's it though.
Cold turkey.

Are you on Foursquare?
Were you addicted?


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HeliMom said...

One day at a time! Good luck.