Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things more Dangerous than Texting While Driving

Things More Dangerous than Texting While Driving

Peeling an orange.
Putting on makeup.
Clipping toe nails.
Handing snacks to children in the backseat.
Trying to reach your purse that fell on the passenger-side floor when you slammed on your brakes.
Reading a book.
Trying to take photos
Trying to stop your children from fighting.
Having children in the car period.

What dangerous antics have you seen others do while driving?
(Are you as obsessed with Cuties as I am?)


Ann Summerville said...

Clipping toe nails - really????

Bethany said...

I have done some of those...but clipping your toe nails?!!? Yipes!

Anonymous said...

I've seen people using their knees to drive while using their hands for reading or makeup! Always frightening. I made a firm rule for myself about no texting. Red lights, maybe, but not otherwise. :-) Pay attention people!

SharleneT said...

We used to have a lady who let her 2yr old stand in her lap. Turned out she was legally blind and he told her where to turn! Glee! had quite an ending; did it not? Very good thing to show.