Monday, February 13, 2012

The Winter That Never Was

Yesterday evening, my boys were getting antsy. 

Bouncing off the walls. 

It was time to Get Their Energy Out.

So, we made a trip to Remy's school playground where they can shoot hoops

It was cold.
Just about the coldest it has been all winter. 

And the weathermen were teasing us with the possibility of snow. 


We haven't had a drop of ice or snow all winter. 

The boys and I did a snow dance. 

Just 1 bad weather day. 
That's all we wanted.

So we could stay home and enjoy snow. 

But, alas, it was not to be. 

And now winter is practically over.

(and to think, last winter was snowmagedon!)


Momo Fali said...

It just got cold here in Ohio about a week ago and I haven't had to shovel once! I can deal with this kind of winter!

Bethany said...

I live in the same city as Momo and I'm loving this winter. I wish we were this lucky every year! The kids have had NO snow days, I haven't had to scrape my car too often...I'll take it!