Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'd like to be locked in overnight with 499 others: Why the NYPL should have picked me to Make the Future with them

The New York Public Library is going to host a massive, smartphone-based scavenger hunt that will officially kick off May 20 with an invitation-only, all-night lock-in in New York City. Only 500 people will be chosen to participate in the all night Find the Future at NYPL event.

One hundred historical objects hidden throughout the library with bar codes must be found, photographed and a challenge met with each one.

It's rumured that these are some of the items:
Charles Dickens' letter opener made out of his dead cat's taxidermy paw
the Declaration of Independence

The goal of this game?
To write a collection of 100 ways to make history and change the future, inspired by 100 of the most intriguing works of the past.

I should have been chosen.  And here's why:

1. I found the contest on my birthday & entered...and found out that was the final day to enter.  It's fate.
2. I'm a voracious reader with a huge appreciation for the library system, history and literature.
3. I have an iPhone, I love scavenger hunts, and I know my way around social media.
4. I'd blog about it. I'm goofy and entertaining to read...sometimes...
5. I love mysteries. 

But, alas, the decisions have been made, and I didn't make the cut. 

It's too bad, NYPL.  
We could have been good together. 

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