Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Things Every Boy Should Have

(Caught: Donny & Annie in the creek)

These five ingredients are essential to growing boys.

1. A Dog - every boy should have a dog, and every dog should have a boy. 
2. Balls - footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls, bouncy balls, ping pong balls, the more the better! My boys have had a love affair with sports since they were toddlers.
3. Legos or some sort of building materials - Lincoln Logs, connecting magnets, etc. Let them build.  Taking things apart and putting them back together.
4. Outdoor time - A huge space to run, a creek to explore, a tree to climb, sand or dirt to dig in, and time outside to get dirty and explore.
5. Another male to wrestle with - Boys need physical contact and someone to rough house with.  It's just nature for them.

What do you think boys need?


Angela said...

mine needs a lasso and a cowbell! :)

Katherine said...

At least ONE fabulous grandparent! And ... maybe several. Throw in some GREAT GRANPARENTS, too. Yours are blessed with several of both. We are blessed having them. :-)

Leslie Moon said...

Great list! The only thing I would add is a bike, but that's for every kid. Every kid needs a bike.

sue said...

Just enough supervision to keep them safe. But not enough to dampen their curiosity.

Trooper Thorn said...

And an uncle that drinks too much to teach him all the good cuss words.

APV said...

Some friends that are girls to learn how to navigate those complex relationships as they grow older!