Monday, September 13, 2010

My super-genius, evil sneaky plan

I have a plan.

to give someone an alpaca for their birthday.
Because I know that someone has a spouse who would LOVE to start an alpaca farm.

Do you know what an alpaca is?

They're related to camels and llamas.  And I think you can sell their fur/hair for clothing...because it's super soft.

They sure are cute!!

And, if this certain someone ends up having to buy a farm...then I can move my family onto the farm and start a vegetable garden and raise horses and live off the land...

So, that's my super sneaky plan...and it all starts with this guy:

Look at those cheeks!!


Belle said...

If someone gave that sweetie to me, I'd be happy!

Unknown said...

Good plan. Hope it works.

Sicilian said...

I know someone who wanted an Alpaca too. . . . they never got one. . . but then who could just have one. . . . they are too cute and the wool is very desirable.

CrystalChick said...

Alpaca's are awesome! About a month ago a farm brought a few of theirs to a Saturday market so everyone there could learn about them. Me and hubby used to have slippers we got at a store in Georgia that sold Alpaca items. They were soft and warm!