Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Things We Carried...into the Closet

I've lived in North Texas now for three years.  
And every month there is a siren test...and it still freaks me out to hear those sirens.  

So, needless to say, when the sirens go off during an actual storm, 
I practically pee my pants in fear.  They're horrible sounding!!!

I grew up in Central Texas, where there were NO sirens.

The boys and I heard the sirens this evening and headed straight to my walk-in closet.  
We turned the news on the TV in my bedroom so we could hear what was going on.

Remy grabbed every blanket he could find and his favorite pillow.
I grabbed my purse and my iPhone.
Donny grabbed his guitar, his backpack and homework, and the Bible.

The dog, Sweet Annie, thought we were playing a game and followed us in there practically dancing and wagging her tail.

First we called my grandmother, who lives less than a mile away, to make sure she heard the sirens.  She answered, did hear the sirens and was currently sitting on top of her washer and dryer in her laundry room.  LOL  She was giggling up a storm and wondered how she'd know when it was safe to come out.

After a while, we got bored.

We made "in the closet" jokes.
I got on Facebook and left a bunch of status updates sharing our plight.
I texted everyone I knew.
We took photos of each other.

Donny doing his homework:

Remy, Annie & I all cuddled together:

And then the storm passed and it was OK to come out.

And we saw this rainbow:

All was good and happy.

However, a tornado did touch down in Dallas and do some damage. 
And another storm dropped a couple of tornados nearby also.
It was THAT kind of day.


Sharlene T. said...

Do the houses come with large enough closets for bigger families?... I'm not sure I could take the constant interruptions... please alert the authorities should I ever travel to Texas that I expect consideration... in truth, very happy to hear that you were safe... tornadoes are nothing to joke about... come visit when you decide to 'come out of the close'...

Anonymous said...

Tornados don't worry be unless they're right on top of me... then it's probably too late anyway...