Sunday, March 14, 2010

Storm Drain Sal & the Cell Phone Shuffle

My 13 year old son has bad phone karma.

This year he has dropped his cell phone in the toilet...and in a storm drain.

The most recent folly was the storm drain last weekend.
His cell phone was in his pocket...and as he got into the car, it slipped out and fell onto the street and into the storm drain.

The look on his face was tragic.

Then the desperation kicked in.  We attempted to retrieve the phone with a golf-ball grabber thingy, a rake, and we even considered holding my 8 yr old upside down and lowering him into the sewer...

but, no phone was retrieved.

The last act of desperation was a call to the City of McKinney the next morning.
And lo and behold, the city send out...Storm Drain Sal.

A petite man who slid into the storm drain man hole and saved the phone...which still worked, amazingly.

Wonder what else he's saved out of our city sewers?


Jennifer Warthan said...

Just ordered my first Blackberry today (I am SO with-the-times, aren't I?) and am now scared to death about breaking it. And it's not even in my hands yet!

GTChristie said...

wow it didnt rain?
hey, phone on a chain!
and i made a rhyme.
but i'm out of time.

Sharlene T. said...

Too funny. But, only one of many anecdotes this youngster's going to give you over the next twenty years... thanks for sharing.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Wow. Who knew they had a storm drain guy? Glad they were able to retrieve it!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Hey, that's way too cool! Glad y'all were able to get your phone back. I saw someone do the same thing near where I live and they were never able to get it. They needed Storm Drain Sal!

Justine said...

You're shitting me, right? A man actually went down into that to get Donny's phone? Nope, can't believe it. And how did it work? Wasn't there all nasty water down there?

Justine :o )

A Good Moroccan said...

My daughter dropped hers in the bath....but it's still working.