Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Travel Bug

I'm so jealous of my little sister, Bug.  
She lives in California at the moment, is married, but has no children.
And she travels.
A lot.

She just returned from a trip to Vietnam.
(I've never been to Vietnam.)

She sent my boys postcards though, so I thought I'd share.

She saw lots of water buffalo in Vietnam...and apparently they are pretty small!
Like the one in the postcard she sent to Donny...

I wonder if my boys would ride a water buffalo to school in the morning.
That'd be awesome.

And then she sent this postcard to Remy.

People there use motorbikes way more than cars.
My sister said she saw a family of five and a large pig all on one!!

I'm getting the travel bug...
I need to go somewhere.

Where are you wanting to go?


Kisma said...

In a month I am going to California for three days, then in June on cruise for 8. Did I mention I hate to fly.

Those are awesome postcards btw!!!!

Lickety Splitter said...

I'm headed for Vegas baby!

Angie said...

My husband is in the Air Force and we live in England. This is our last year here. I am dying to go to Italy but it looks like I will be going to Scotland instead. My oldest is graduation high school in a couple of months. We are taking her to Disney World the week before we take her to college.

Where are you wanting to go? Are you going to go somewhere?

Jessica Johns Pool said...

I've always got way more travel desires than money or time! Current wish list:
- San Francisco to visit old friends and new clients
- NYC 'cause it's always wonderful
- New Orleans to visit friends and eat too much
- Macchu Picchu, the Nazca lines and Lake Titicaca
- Denmark, but only in the summer
- Iceland, just 'cause
and...well, you get the idea

Sharlene T. said...

Just want to see London, once more. May take a few years but IT WILL HAPPEN...

Your day will come, too.

christa elyce said...

i know what the travel bug feels like. I am a military brat...but my family is no longer in the military. i feel like packing up light and kicking the dust off my shoes and going some where I've never been before most days.

...lucky i married a man with flight benefits. its my goal to photograph everything new i experience. and with's difficult to fly...but i plan weekly activities that make us explore our own city of Houston. There's so much to do here it's impossible to do it all!

maybe you can do that...explore your city a bit better.

Jennifer Warthan said...

I think I'd like Australia... or Ireland.

I want to see other farmers practices - I think I'd love to compare and contrast.

Alison B. Osborne said...

You won't be so jealous when you are in your early forties with kids out of the house, free to travel and I'm sleep deprived with little ones running around!