Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yet another Photo Mystery

In the past I've done easy mystery photos and hard mystery photos.
Let's see what this group ends up being.
Answers posted tonight.


Cristin said...

Your pink cowboy hat.

The legs of a ceramic pig salt or pepper shaker.

A futon leg.


The outside of the mental hospital you are actually blogging from.


Rhea said...

Oh, Cristin, that last answer is killin' me!! lol How'd you guess I'm in a mental hospital? Wait, don't answer that...

Jen said...

I am guessing...
1. your hat
2. animal salt shaker
3 ???
4. cactus
5. your castle or I am going to have to agree with cristin.

Valarie Lea said...

Your pink cowboy hat

That udder coffee cup you have

A wooden dowel on a piece of wood

Red Moon Cactus or as it is scientifically know Gymnocalycium mihanovichii cv. 'Hibotan' Britton & Rose from the family Cactaceae :)

Dental work on a building

I think I might have gotten some of these! :)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

1. Your hat - or is it Annie's hat?
2. Your cow udder mug.
3. some anemone from the aquarium
4. Is this the outside of the skating rink or starbucks?

Insane Mama said...

Your hat
Ceramic cow or pig
A bench?
School building

I must win, even if I didn't can you lie just to make me feel better? Please

Mama Dawg said...

Your pink hat

a piggy bank

paper towel holder



Unknown said...

Ya know...I always have trouble thinking outside the box when it comes to Rhea's Mystery Photos...I hate it when you make me think but then again, I can NEVER stay away...it is because I love you so...and because we both seem to have the same kinda sense of humor.

Shannon said...

your pink hat

legs of some animal knick-knack thingy (and that's a technical term)

I have no idea

cactus (looks just like one I have)

building (maybe a library? I don't know why I think that)

Unknown said...

Let's see...
first one is your pink cowboy hat, next one is a mug with cow udders?, next is a kids table with drawing paper?, a cactus bud and the side of a building.

This is my first time to participate. It's fun! : )

Britt said...

oh I think the first one is easy .. looks an awful lot like the pink cowgirl hat from your picture. I'm glad you put it in there, cause the rest of them I'm so gonna blow lol.

My first thought was Barbie knees .. upon further inspection I see that there are no legs connected to said knees. So the next thought that popped into my head was one of those vibrating massage thingies .. No? Drat!

A piece of wood with another piece of wood holding up a piece of concrete .. some kind of New Age Art. Cause you totally seem like the New Age Art type .. *rolls eyes* Yep, I pretty much suck at this. But I'm having fun, so we shall continue...

A cactus flower thing! Or something really gross and spiny...

It's an Old Timey McDonalds isn't it? I bet the people that work in there have to wear aprons and skirts and bow ties. Even the men! How fun would that be? Though, the men would totally have to wax their legs .. no one needs to see a man in a skirt with furry legs. I think I'm thinking too far into this .. especially since my answer is so horribly wrongo .. I should just publish this comment and put my kids down for a nap..

TentCamper said...

Oh this is EASY!!!! I WIN!!!!!!

Pink cowboy hat (and a really ool one)

Ceramic sheep or cow

Big drawing paper a wooden rod and wood plank

red cactus

The side of a brick building.

San said...

Well, I got the cowboy hat, and I can see that last one's a brick wall, but am I supposed to be more specific? Don't tell me. It's a trick. It's not a brick wall. It's your hat in a former life.

You're getting to be as wicked as, Jeff. Cut it out. I'm not good at these things.

Skeller said...

your hat outside

a ceramic something or other on your kitchen counter

one of your boy's Home Depot projects


brick building in Texas

Anonymous said...

Ok, I tried really hard not to look at the other comments first, but Cristin's is hilarious.

Here goes:
1. your pink hat from your profile pic
2. a little piggy figurine
3. some sort of unfinished knitting project
4. a cactus
5. that Starbucks bldg. you posted about a while ago??

Jennifer and Sandi said...

1. Your Hat
2. Barbie on her knees
3. The sail of a Sail Boat
4. Cactus
5. Side of the bldg at the Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I got lucky last week, I doubt I'll be so lucky this week!
1. Hat
2. Potter (salt or pepper shaker?)
3. Part of a rocking horse?
4. Cactus
5. It looks like the side of a castle--maybe school??

Weith Kick said...

Picture 1: A hat
Picture 2: Barbie's legs cut off at the knees
Picture 3: One of those things that you knit bikinis with
Picture 4: The inside of a vagina-the part no one ever sees
Picture 5: Texas Book Despository Building

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

You are right...I forgot the one in the middle. Is that from one of your craft mornings at home depot? I am thinking that these are all pictures you've posted here before. Maybe.

OHmommy said...

You bog from a mental hospital?


THIS is how rumors get started you know. ;)

Don Mills Diva said...

I had at least two of them but I'm obviously too late to answer now.

Oh and word on the street is you blog from inside a psych ward where you've long been committed...I'm off to spread the word.

Danyele Easterhaus said...

super fun...and i have to say that i seriously was thinking about the udder and hoping it wasn't a ceramic of you!

KP said...

1. your pink hat (or your dog's hat)
2. a ceramic something that has legs (an animal... cow or pig?) on a granite countertop
3. paper towel/holder
4. a cactus
5. starbucks building

Lula! said...

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you torment me this way?

And remind me to tell you what I first thought of when I saw the 2nd picture...'cause I ain't outing my sick self here.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

1. Your pink cowboy hat.
2. Cow udder mug sitting atop a granite countertop
3. Quilting frame
4. Cactus
5. Bricks on a building :) (When in doubt, state the obvious, right?)

Justine said...

Okay, your hat, a piggy bank, bubble wrap, a cactus flower and a building.

Justine :o )

CrystalChick said...

Cowboy hat
Cow mug
wood and ???

Gosh I barely made it in before you post the answers. I'm behind in my blogs as you can see I left you like 5 comments today trying to catch up. LOL

Angie's Spot said...

The cowboy hat.
The cow teet coffee mug.
Furniture of some sort.

Ok, since I'm still playing catch-up, let's see if I got any of these right.