Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bubba & the Trombone Tackle

First I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to read and comment yesterday about religion. I really appreciate what everyone had to say, and it was so interesting to hear all the different points of view.

Thank you.

I need some time to ponder this subject.
So today we'll cover lighter material.

Have you seen one of these before?
If you have kids in sports, they're very useful.

Apparently they have many uses...

The only thing better than a Bubba Keg?

They hold a butt-load of water & ice and keep it really cold!
(You can find them at Academy & Target.)

My oldest son uses them the most, because he is playing tackle football.
They have at least two practices a week, for at least two hours each...sometimes more.
and in the Texas heat, water is NECESSARY.

We have discovered not all parents send their kids with water...or enough water.
So we bring several Bubba Kegs to share now.

(They don't touch their mouths to it or share germs, don't worry! I did.)

Here is Donny at his FIRST game.

The gear these boys wear on the field is amazing. I don't know how they move.
Texas Homeboy was there to help with tie the shoulder pads.

And secure the helmet, because I'm sure I did it wrong.

And then they gather on the field to play. Their first game.

(I won't mention they might have lost 30-0.)
I don't know much about football,
but I think I heard some dads saying,
our line wasn't doing very well...
Ok, maybe they used stronger words than that.

Donny was sick, so he didn't actually play.
But he did suit up and support his team.

He's on the line though, and I think they could have used him.

The line didn't hold...the other team cut through like a knife through melted butter.

I had to doodle-out the last name on my son's jersey.
Don't you like the poster-look of this photo?
Picnik is so much fun to use for photo editing.

One more thing...

As you may or may not know, a few weeks ago the boys got one of these:

And, it has since been moved out of the den
and upstairs to the game room, thank goodness.

However, today, the 11 yr old brought home one of these:

He's so excited to be learning a new instrument!
He's joined the middle school band.

I might need some earplugs while he learns how to play.

But when he let out a really loud NOTE,
and poor Annie went running with her stuffed animal...
We all burst into laughter.


Anonymous said...

I love the last picture! Too good.

Poor Anne and poor you!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! And I have to say, water bottles have come a LONG way since my day.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I don't envy you one bit. With the drums. And the trombone. And the 2 hours a few times a week spent on a hot field. Have you looked into soundproofing a room yet?

Rhea said...

Annie is surprisingly tolerant of all that goes on in this household.

Water bottles have come a long way, I agree.

Sound proofing the upstairs gameroom would be nice...

San said...

Wow, Rhea, I went through the middle band school years. With a percussionist and a trumpeteer under the same roof. Yeah, I lived to tell the story, but I've never been quite the same.


Karen said...

I love, love the last picture! Did Texas Home Boy play football when he was young? I wouldn's have a clue what to do with all that gear.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Yep. I do love Picnik!!!!! The pics were great and i LOVE those Bubba Kegs. Never saw them until now.

Insane Mama said...

drums and trombone? Buy some earplugs. That last picture is the BEST Tru happiness there

scargosun said...

I LOVE that poster effect! It is really cool. The closest thing I have seen before was a watercolor effect. Donny looks great in hus uniform. Too bad he was sick. :(

Valarie Lea said...

I had forgotten about picnik. I think I will go mess with some photos now. :)

Monogramchick said...

I've never heard of picnik. So cool! Thanks for sharing, Rhea.
Yesterday's post was thought provoking. You asked brave questions and I want to answer you, I am praying for the right words....

sassy stephanie said...

Poor Annie!

Test out that Bubba keg with some beer for me. See if it keeps it cold enough for a long drive.

Unknown said...

Really awesome photos and I loved the ones of Donny playing football...Go Jackets!!! Band is super cool too, but I have a question...what will he do if he is playing a game and then half-time starts...assuming he is on the school team later on. Inquiring minds need to know.

Claremont First Ward said...

OK, I'm thinking your house is incredibly LOUD in a good, kids live here and play instruments way. Lovely. I've never seen those water kegs. Looks great with their multi funcionality and all. :)

CrystalChick said...

I love all the pictures and the effects!!! Really neat.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Hopefully, he'll be feeling better and the line will be stronger for the next game.

And, you are going to go nuts aren't you? You've almost got a full band at your house now!!

Crazy Momma said...

I want my kids to learn instruments...just not sure that I am interested in dealing with the noise...you are a braver woman than I :)

Thanks for sharing the SITS love today!

Katie said...

I'm still stuck at the football pictures. He looks so cute & on the verge of toughness. Kids grow up so fast :) Good luck to his team.

Britt said...

I love the last picture .. priceless! Made me laugh out loud along with him.

My mother-in-law bought my two year old a mini drum set for Christmas last year. Thankgoodness she's rambunctious like her daddy and broke it. Or else I might have gone over-the-edge-bonkers. The things we do for our children ;o)

Jen said...

I can just imagine the noise level in your house. You may need more than just ear plugs.

Angie's Spot said...

My hubby has a Bubba Mug and carries that thing everywhere. If he finds out that they make the keg, then I'm sunk.

And good luck with your new horn section. I'm sure it will be a lovely addition to the percussion section. LOL!

Justine said...

Looks like Annie coughed up a fur ball in that picture! What IS that? And I feel for you, because Mikayla just started band too, with the trumpet of all things!!!!!!! I begged her to try flute, but noooooooooo... must do the complete opposite of what Mom says, right?

Justine :o )

Susie said...

I love how involved your kids are. They are out there and they are doing it and each one is different. You a great mom you are to help them with all this:-)

Unknown said...

I'm off to Target next week, I must check out those Bubba Kegs. they look really useful ... however ... I don't think I'll try sitting on one !!!

There are worse things than the drums and trombone .... think violin .... or ..... bagpipes...

Jules said...

Ah yes! Somebody's been playing around on Picnik again. Picnik is my friend too, though. :)
And good thing Annie has her stuffed animals for comfort!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Funny story & I love the pictures ! I do love me some Picnik.

Rick said...

I thought you weren't going to talk about religion on this post. I know for a fact that in Texas football IS a religion!

Do you son drink out of that keg after he's sat on the lid? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I love nothing more than seeing the kids in their uniforms and of course, action shots!

Please let Donnie know that my younger son had his first game Saturday....they lost WAAAAAAY worse than Donnie's team....I do believe they were raped, LOL 43-0! LOL

I shouldn't laugh, and of course I am not laughing at the kids, I'm laughing at our coaches who kept calling the same plays and using the same kids over and over again...uh, dudes, apparently something ain't workin'! FIX IT...but uh, no....let's wear out the kids who have played the entire game and wonder why we lost so bad! LOL

And no...my did wasn't one who didn't get played, he sat on the bench ONCE....but that is just another entire post! My BP rises so high when I think about coaches & how they do things...hmmm, but it does give me an idea for a post;) LOL

Oh and uh, enjoy all that noise in your house, LOL

Anonymous said...

Very, very cute. I want one of those fancy schmancy water bottles!

Mama Dawg said...

That last picture is priceless! You gotta frame that one!

Shannon said...

I was in the band in jr. and sr. high school... started out with the flute, but switched to the french horn after marching season of my freshman year. And I LOVED it! I want my kids to play instruments but I think Shane would prefer they play sports.

Hope Donny has a better game next time!