Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little People Interviews

Here are the Little People and the Star of Texas Word Tangle, Annie-pie:
Donny is eleven (and only inches from being my hight!).
Remy is six and well known for his manic giggling.
Annie is around three or four, we think, and licks her feet all day..

As you know, I've done this interviews in the past. If you want to read those, click here or here or just search "interview" in the Blogger search box up top.

Donny's comments are BLUE.
Remy's comments are RED.

My comments are GREEN.

What's your favorite part about swimming?
Playing basketball.
The slides.
(Getting their energy out and working on my tan, and yes, I get a tan even wearing sunscreen people!)

What do Annie and Seamus do while we're gone from the house? (Seamus is my mom's big black lab we're dogsitting for a while.)
Seamus probably tries to jump Annie a couple of times, then gives up and they both go sleep.
They Butt Scootch! (Remy giggles insanely here. If you haven't seen the butt scootch yet, then click here for a short, short video showing Annie doing her signature move.)

If you could dye your hair any color, what would you choose?
Shades of Blue.
Gold and silver.
I think I might choose highlights with pink and purple mixed into my blonde.

If you had to fight a duel and you could choose any weapon, what weapon would you choose? (I then list a long list of ideal weapons) We're not violent in my household, I promise!
Fists! (Remy answered first this time!)
Wait, I didn't answer first. I didn't!
How many weapons can I have.
Hmmm...You can't shoot with swords. (so true, Remy, so true)
You need ammo...
I know, a machine gun! (Good lord.)

What does Mama do on the computer and what does that mean?
Blog. It means you write about anything you want on a website and people read it.
What Donny said.

How do you feel about Mama writing about you guys on the blog?
Violated. (He's grinning when he says that.)
Violated! What does that mean, Donny? (I need to remember to ask Remy first, otherwise he just copies Donny's answers.)
Ok, really, I think it's weird and a great idea, but it's not for me. (Ok, that's honest, I can dig it.)

At this point I couldn't think of any more questions, my creativity was turned off, so the boys decided to turn the questioning back on me:

Remy asks the first question: What would you do if you farted? (oh, boy, here we go)
I'd say excuse me.

Donny's next: What's your favorite kids' movie?
Easy. Shrek and The Incredibles. I wish they'd make a sequel to The Incredibles.

Donny again: If you could get ANYTHING in the world, what would you choose?
Do you mean anything material or...?
Ok, a ranch with a house on it.
What about you?
I'd have to research first. (Oh, he's so my child. I'm on Consumer Reports or Amazon before I buy something big)
I'd buy the world.
Wow, Remy, that'd be hard to buy the whole world. How are you going to do that?
I'd buy it from God.
I'd also buy a rocketship and go into Space.
(Well, at least he has goals and things big. hehe)


Anonymous said...

wow, doin' my little "firsty" dance again. That Donny is a smarty-patootie. Very articulate!

Jules said...

I love these posts.
So do you tape them or type them as they are being said? Or do you just have a really, really good memory?

i beati said...

such clowns all 3 make that 4 !! ha

Anonymous said...

Cute!! ~Jill :)

ugagirl30 said...

You just have to love a kid's take on the world. They are so stinkin' clever!

CrystalChick said...

Dang, I can't get my kids attention for long enough to interview them like THAT. I'm still trying to track them down just for the 3 things they know about me from Jules' page.
Sweet pictures!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Can I borrow you to interview mine? You have the best questions. And Remy wants a machine gun? I suppose that if you were in a duel, it would be a winner :-)

So...have you convinced your hubby to read AND comment on your blog yet? I need to tell my hubby he needs to comment. Or perhaps not...

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh...and I love that the boys turned it around on you.

And...are you going to explain those boots/award on your sidebar?

Mama Dawg said...

I love the interviews. They're so funny!

Lula! said...

Remy is so gonna be the next Bill Gates with his "I'd buy the world" aspirations. That ranch is in your grasp, Rhea!!!!!!!

Karen said...

They are sweet boys, Rhea.

Angie's Spot said...

I just love these interviews! It's so funny to hear their comments. We must be on the same wavelength today because you'll have to check out my post later. It's starring my baby. I could just eat her up with a spoon. :-)

Shannon said...

Very cute!

I'm new ...linked over here from my friend's blog (Angie's Spot)! I've enjoyed reading your posts :) I'd love to have you come visit me sometime and let me know what you think!


Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

What a neat idea! I think my daughter just might say "yeah" to all of my questions, though!

Jen said...

I love it and I totally agree with you about an Incredibles sequel. They need to do it. I love that movie. Hayden was on an Incredibles kick for a while and I was so happy. Now he is on a Alvin and the chipmunks kick and I am soooo sad.
It must be a boy things, Hayden has already started talking about farts and butts. He thinks it is so funny. He will laugh at himself for minutes.

Cristin said...

Love the interview idea!

Boys and farts... Graham thinks farts are the best thing ever.

Jennifer said...








You go girl!! i so love this. I also really loved all the answers that Donny and Remy came up with :) I like Donny's honesty about the blog.. that he wouldn't want to do it but he gets it. :)

they are so cute!!! and Annie too!!

I might have to "borrow" this idea!!


~*Paty*~ said...

Haha! This is such a cute post!

KP said...

donny's so smart :)

your two pictures are adorable!!! i love annie.

Insane Mama said...

I love it when you do these!
Look at Annie, all cute as ever!

Indy said...

Love their answers and the pics.

Valarie Lea said...

They are so smart and cute to boot :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day Rhea. :^) I lived North of Dallas (Carrollton) for three years a while back and then we were in Aggieland for a couple more years before ending up here in the far North! Nice to meet ya!

Unknown said...

Awww...I can't wait for my boys to grow up! Will it ever get better? Tristan is 4 and Santi is 2...Trips anywhere other than Chuck E. Cheese or Peter Piper are pretty much unbearable. I can't wait for them to share toys most of all.

Debbie said...

That was really really funny. Your son gets the whole blogging thing!!! And he wants blue hair...And as for your younger son, silver hair gladly awaits him one day....a couple of decades from now ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!! Your kids play along with you, only my youngest would...the twelve year old is too uh, in the box to play my games;) LOL

Unknown said...

So cute... You always come up with the best ideas of things to do with your boys!

Rhea said...

Uberburber - Donny is a little man, that's for sure...although he's almost as big as I am! He's only a few inches shorter and his feet are bigger now! Goodness.

Jules - I write down the questions and answers in a notebook. My memory isn't all that hot. Must right things down. I carry a tiny blank book in my purse at all times to capture conversations I overhear or thoughts that bubble up at odd times.

i beati - Clowns huh? Yep, you're right!

One Wired Woman - Thanks!

Ugagirl30 - Kids are wonderful. They say the greatest things and see the world with such fresh eyes.

Crystal Chick - Uh, oh, you are having issues. lol I just came up with questions for Kat's girls I'm going to email her.

Rhea said...

Kat - I sent you interview questions to ask your girls. I can't wait to see how it works out!!

I got hubby to read some posts but he hasn't commented yet. We'll see if he ever does...

Mama Dawg/Emily - thanks! Glad you enjoyed them.

Lula! - I think that ranch will happen one day. Remy is SO going to take on the world!!

Karen - Thanks for your sweet words about my boys!!

Angie - I love interviewing the boys because every time I do I learn something new!!

Shannon - Thanks for stopping by! So nice to meet you.

Krystyn - You have to get your daughter interested in the line of questions with some questions about her likes and dislikes first..then get to the good stuff.

Jen - All boys just love farts and butts and poop talk. I swear. Even grown up ones!!

Cristin - Definitely interview Graham sometime. He's a cutie.

Jen - feel free to borrow anytime! I love kid interviews.

Paty - Thanks!

KP - Thanks!! I wish I could interview Annie. hehe

Insane Mama - Thanks!! Like I said, Annie's the real star here.

Indy & Valarie - Thanks!

Nancypants - Nice to meet you too! Thanks for coming by.

Perez Family - Oh, sharing toys is something that goes and comes in our household, no matter what the age. lol

Debbie - My sons like seeing themselves on the computer...for now. I get warnings about what NOT to post about them though, all the time.

Lane Boyz mom - I bet you could totally get your boys to play along. Work on it!

Tressa/ American in Norway - Thanks! I hope things are going better for your household now.