Saturday, July 12, 2008

Houston, we have a...ROADTRIP!

The boys and I are packing up the car and heading down the road to the Houston area to visit my sisters who live there with their families. I'm so excited! We haven't been there in way too long.

So, we have to leave our sweet Annie at home with the hubby to guard the homestead, find the portable DVD player, pack up all the clean clothes (that I spent all day washing), and make sure I have markers, coloring pages, handheld video games, movies and cattle prods to keep the kids in line...ok, just kidding about that last part. I was checking to make sure you were paying attention. I should start dropping sexy men into my posts, like Kat over at Sunshine and Lemonade does.

Meanwhile I'll be working on those post ideas I mentioned yesterday!

What have we done this week? Well, how nice of you to ask! I think we need a quick wrap up. We did lots of this:

And this:

and yet more of this:

Then Remy had some playdates,

Donny had football practice,

And Donny got his braces!!

We'll miss you, Annie!!

Wish us long on the road. I have my new GPS to keep me company while I listen to the kids' movies. Did you know that GPS stands for "Getting Places Somehow?" Yep, that's what I've decided.


Karen said...

Donny, the braces look good! Good to do it now instead of when your 30's like I did. Have a safe and fun road trip Rhea and boys.

Unknown said...

Donny looks so grown up now... Wow.. Wish I was going with you girl! I am amazed at how much you are getting done with your boys! I will keep stopping by in hopes some of your energy will rub off.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

You guys have been busy.

Have a great time! And try to relax some.

Jennifer said...

hey there.

have a great trip... get there safe n sound and have wonderful time with your sisters and their/your families!! :)

AND... the cattle prod...

that is just what I have been missing in my child rearing life!! I need to get on eBay or something and get me one of those... we have the markers, the paper, the games, dvd's all that... well no portable player though... maybe I should look for that instead of the prod... whatcha think??? ;)

AND... I have to say... I see you mentioned that you are going to miss Annie... which is understandable... but what about your hubby?? lol Didn't mention missing him, now didja?? lol


Jennifer said...

OH dammit!!!

I meant to say more... but got way a head of myself with the xoxoxo's and leaving... duH!!

I love the pics... Trevor wants some goggles for when we go back to the water park and I think that kids look so darn cute in them... I can't wait for him to get some and see how adorable he will look too. :) I wish I could be swimming and floating around in some lovely water... instead I have to get my lazy (big) behind up from this computer and pack... ugh!! and clean, and pack and clean and pack and clean... maybe I need a cattle prod for myself??

hmmmm... something to ponder. :)

anyway... I love the pic of Donny!! I'm glad he is still smiling braces and all!! I think he is pretty cute anyway... but I do understand why kids and parents want to do braces... I always wanted them when I was younger, but didn't do it... then when I was first working as a dental assisant the office manager said that crooked teeth are a sign of individuality... yeah she sold me. lol i still wish I had nice straight teeth. :)

have fun!!!


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Did you ever get the correct kind of gps to do the geocacheing?

Have a great time on your trip - will you come home with quirky relative stories? ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey Girl! Thanks for the info. I have slept AND lost 3 lbs too! Looks like ya'll are really busy. Is that waterslide the one at Lifetime? We go to the one on 121/Stacy. Have fun on your trip and enjoy your sisters. Have a great weekend! :)

CrystalChick said...

OOOH, road trips are such fun!
Have a good time in Houston with your sisters!!
Great new look for Donny, he'll get used to them real soon.
Annie looks soooo sad being left home. Ahhhhhh.

Rhea said...

I forgot to add, we will have Internet access, so I'm not leaving or anything. :o)

Karen - My mom had to wear braces for the second time in her 30's, while she was in law school!

Tressa/American in Norway - I don't really have that much energy.I just have to find things to get the kids' energy out, you know? Or they fight or get bored...

Krystyn - Thanks! We're excited about seeing family and the boys get to play with their cousins.

Jennifer - We're going to miss the hubby too. :o) And, you definitely need to get your son goggles, my kids LOVE them.

Kat - I did exchange the GPS and get the right kind...and we had our first geo-caching excursion last week! I need to blog about it. We found the secret cach and were so excited!!

Perez Family Spot/Amorette - I'm so glad you slept and lost more wight! That is a Lifetime slide. We love Lifetime.

Crystal Chick - Thanks!! WE're hoping to have a really good time.

Anonymous said...

You have been busy this week, well all of you have;) Have a fun & safe trip!

So, have you named your GPS, btw..I like what you think it stands for, works for me, LOL My Dad has a TOM TOM and we named her Tammy cuz uh, its a womans voice and boy, don't take a wrong turn, Tammy gets VERY stern with you when you do! LOL

Anonymous said...

Will Annie be posting while you are away? My little Ringo tried to take over my blog after I had him on there in a few stories. After comments about him he thought he had fans and he was a star! :)

Have fun, and we will be waiting to hear the stories..I have no doubt you will have some! hee, hee


Skeller said...

Yikes, first the distinguished glasses ... now, the braces. It feels like Donny is growing up before our very eyes ... and way too quickly!!

Hmmm, last time I was in Houston in July was about 15+ years ago when my good friend married his highschool sweetheart. It was about 95* and 198% humidity. blech!!!

Have a great vacation :-)

Ruth said...

Saw you on SITS...I am in North Fort Worth, 7 gen Texan, and love your blog! Good stuff!!

Cristin said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Donny's rockin' those braces. Gotta love road trips. I'm sure there will be stories to tell from the car. Can't wait.

Insane Mama said...

Road trips! Love them! Waaa poor Annie all alone, let me take care of her!

Angie's Spot said...

Have a great road trip! Looks like you guys had a fun week. I'm seriously envious of all that cool pool action. :-)

Jen said...

Have a great road trip. May all your travels go smoothly.

Keys to the Magic Travel said... are staying connected!

Unknown said...

Have a safe road trip, I lurve my GPS and I need it around here!

Mama Dawg said...

Are you saying that GPS doesn't really stand for that?

Poor Donny and his braces. I LOATHED mine.