Friday, April 11, 2008

Taking a Closer Look

I been trying to take more close up photos with my camera...exploring the settings and all. They were all coming out fuzzy, until my mother gave me a tip, so now they're not coming out fuzzy and I'm having fun! Bear with me...

This is a dandelion. Most people consider it a weed. Most people at some point have made wishes and blown on it. Did you know they also have many culinary uses? You can eat the leaves raw or cooked, and they're high in vitamin A, C and iron. It's a medicinal herb. It can be used to make wine, jam or a coffee substitute. It's used as a diuretic in Canada. It can also be used as mosquito repellent and wart removal. Who knew something so useful grew so prolifically in our yards? Personally, I look at it and think of Horton Hears a Who.

This is, of course, Sweet Annie, one of my favorite subjects. She has an ear infection right now. She always has ear infections. Apparently that is a lab thing...they always get them. Dogs with hanging ears in general are more prone to them, and dogs who swim a lot.

Annie leaves us lots of this around our yard. I make the boys scoop it up once a week before our mowers come (because the image of poop flying through the mower and around our yard is slightly terrifying). Also, dog poop carries diseases, especially ringworm, which can cause blindness if untreated. Dog poop can also possibly pollute ground water. Lovely, huh? Sorry for the close up of it, but it's for the sake of science...or my hobby...

Another favorite model, Remy. A close up on the playground where he's always hanging from the monkey bars. I love his big blue eyes. My eyes are hubby's eyes are brown...yet both our sons' eyes are blue. Genetics is so interesting.

A knot in a tree at our playground. Do you know the story behind the supersition "knock on wood?" Well, we do it to avoid bad luck or evil consequences, right? Apparently it dates back to pre-Christian rituals involving the spirits of sacred trees such as the oak, ash, holly or hawthorn. There is, I’m told, an old Irish belief that you should knock on wood to let the little people know that you are thanking them for a bit of good luck or to let the wood spirits who live IN the tree you are thankful.
I have no idea what kind of flowers these are, because I don't speak plant. But, I'm trying to learn.
These rocks are what makes up the surface of our playground, which after some reading, I realize is NOT safe. Wood chips, mulch, or shredded rubber are good surfaces.

More random images from our playground. I think I'm finally figuring out this close-up thing!


Anonymous said...

what's the tip, what's the tip??

Firefly Mom said...

Wow, I've visited a lot of blogs, and you're the *first* blogger who's been brave enough to post a photo of dog poop ;)

I didn't know that about the knock on wood thing - my son is outside right now knocking on our trees!

BTW, I saw on your profile that you're north of Dallas - we used to live in Grapevine.

And yes, please share the tip!

Valarie Lea said...

Thanks for the dog poop close up. :) That knot in the tree, if you look at the bark above it and the knot at the same time, it makes a face of like a grouchy old troll or something like that. If you don't see it, forget I ever mentioned it.

Burfica said...

I think I love the last picture best. What is that a plant of???

Rhea said...

Uberburber - I don't think the tip will work for all cameras. I have a camera with major zoom. It isn't a digitical SLR but it has like
12X xoom, which is HUGE. So, I can be down the street and see your face in awesome de tail...but when I try to get close ups when I'm close to something, it goes all blurry. My mom told me to back up...then zoom again.

I don't know if that makes sense or if I'm explaining it well. Intead of going right up to a flower to get a close-up, I need to instead back up and use my super-zoom to get non-fuzzy pics. Makes sense and sounds simple but I didn't figure it out. :o)

Rhea said...

Firefly Mom - I don't know if it's bravery to post dog poop or stupidity! lol How funny about your son out there knocking on wood. It was actually my son who told me the truth behind the saying and then I looked it up to verify. I am in north Dallas, very cool you lived in Grapevine!

Rhea said...

Valarie - I always see faces in knots on wood, so I agree with you! lol Glad you enjoyed the dog poop. I've got lots more where that came from. hehe

Burfica - I have no idea what that last plant it. I don't speak plant!

Thanks for coming by!

The 1000 Lab Project said...

I glanced through your pictures before reading anything... and was really surprised to find out that the picture that could possibly have been a close-up of dried up dog poop WAS a picture of dried up dog poop!! Well, hey... why not?! Excellent photography!

CrystalChick said...

I'm never shocked by anything but was a little surprised by the poop pic. LOL
If you have a camera with 12X zoom, then maybe you have macro setting as well?
If so, you should try that for some of your shots... the little icon probably is a flower.
I'm trying to learn the macro settings on mine because the crafts I do need closeup clear shots.
I have a decent camera, not an SLR, I don't think it's quite prosumer level but it's bigger than a point and shoot, kind of chunky to hold... a Canon
S5/IS. I can't change the lens but can add filters. And I can do short videos.
Anyway... it's been difficult to learn and I don't always get good shots. Thank gawd for picasa and picnik!! LOL
What camera do you have?
Have fun!

Rhea said...

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - your name is long! lol I hope I haven't offened the blogosphere with my dog poop. Thanks for the compliments!

Crystalchick - I have a Canon Powershot S2 IS, and I want your model, the S5. You have the newest one!! Do you like it? It has an action setting, which my version does not. I'd love a digital SLR but can't afford it. The Canon Powershot S5 is expensive enough.

Ron said...

Ok...first of all, I LOVE the POOP photo!! It's FABULOUS!!!! I kept thinking it might be a "scratch and sniif" photo....


Years ago, when I went on a retreat in the Pocono Mountains, I took several pictures of deer poop. Everyone thought was insane!

(deer poop is much smaller)

And the dandelion photo is beautiful, Rhea. I remember when I was a kid, how magical it felt to blow on them and watch them fly around the air!!

I also have this attraction for rocks and stones. I enjoy touching and holding them in my hands. It feels very healing.

Wonderful photos, dear lady! Thank you for sharing them. I'm off to leave you a comment on Annie's post!

the mama bird diaries said...

i have to say i've never seen dog poop on a blog either. funny.

hope annie feels better! :)

Rhea said...

Ron - we called deer poop wild raisins because that's what they look like. lol Glad you enjoyed the photos! I'm attracted to rocks too. :o)

Mama Bird - Well, then today was your lucky day to see dog poop on a blog. Don't you feel blessed? hehe

Jeff B said...

Just for the record, Ron is insane, but that's why I like him.

Now as for your perfectly placed poop package photo, some things are better left to imagination.


Utter Basketcase said...

LMFAO at the poo!!! xx

Rhea said...

I found Ron's website through your blogroll, so thanks for helping me find him! I think he's hilarious (as are you!).

Perfectly placed poop package photo? Nice alliteration! Better watch out though, so I may end up emailing you lots of poop picture.

VBF! - Glad you got a laugh!

Andrea said...

Hi! I saw that I was tagged! I will get to it soon. I don't always check back on comments. I can't always tell if new comments were added or not!

Nice pics! Even the poop one. I scrolled past a little quicker :) It's nice to take notice of the environment.

I like seeing the baseball pictures of your boys! Yay! Spring is here when fields are chalked...

Rhea said...

Andrea - no problem. Don't feel like you have to do it if you don't want to. Glad you enjoyed the pics!

Cannon said...

Loved the pics. Amusing poop picture. Would write more but being pursued by rabid children.

Rhea said...

Mommy Frog - Rabid children? Oh no! Run, run as fast as you can!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Amazing how closing in on a subject actually opens up a whole new world in photography. =) I loved when I first started making a point to zoom in tight. Of course there is a time & place for not zooming in, to capture scenery or "supporting elements" that help tell the photo's story, but I do so love a good close up. Not necessarily of poop (LOL) but hey, you can't tell the artist what can't inspire! ;-)

Rhea said...

Dawn - zooming is so much fun! That's why I bought a super zoom camera a few years ago...the biggest zoom I've ever had. Plus, it's nice when you're trying to get pictures of kids who don't want their picture can be more sneaky about it.

I just threw the poop picture in for fun, but it got more comments than anything else! lol