Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Interview with a 6-year-old.

Let's start out easy. What's your favorite food?
Pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, and Ketchup (yes, he will eat ketchup straigt from the bottle or individ. packet)

What's your favorite thing to do with friends?
Play outside, play tag & make up new games to play.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Make Pokemon movies.

What's your favorite TV show?

What's your favorite thing to do with your family?
Eat dinner and play card games.

What's something you would like to do with your family?
Play video games, go swimming.

You are sad when?
People are hurting me. (By "people" I think he means his big brother, who rarely ever hurts him on purpose...)

You are happy when?
When I'm playing video games, sports and with my friends.

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
To have wings and fly, to be invisible and to meet an alien.

What does your mom want you to do?
Brush my teeth and sleep in my own bed.

What was your scariest dream?
When I was trapped by aliens (yet he wants to meet one...)

If you were handed a million dollars today, what would you do with it?
Buy 7 houses. (Why, 7 Remy?) To sleep in a different one each night. (Oh, of course. lol)

This was a small glimpse into the mind of a genius six-year-old. Yesterday's interview was with an 11-year-old and coming tomorrow....interview with a 4-year-old!


Skeller said...

adorable. out of the mouths of babes....

Trailboss said...

I am loving these interviews. Can't wait for the 4 yr old!

Lady in red said...

having just read both of these I think I might try it on my boys in some ways they are alike but in others so very differnt so could be interesting

well done you for doing this

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Very interesting that both of your boys want wings.

Who is the four year old?

Unknown said...

LOL at the Ketchup and Alien fixation!

KG said...

Hmm . . . maybe aliens like ketchup.

Ruskin said...

What a fabulous interview and idea! Our two never tire of the question 'What would you rather be, invisible or have wings?'

Utter Basketcase said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 7 different houses to sleep in a different one each night!!!

What a massive Cutehead!!!

Oh!!! I wish I had kids just so I could do this!! :-)

On a different note... OMFG RHEA!!! ONE DAY ONE DAY AND I GET TO WATCH LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hold me back hold me back COZ I'M BLOODY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh and BTW RAT GiRL Part 3 is out if ya wanna have a squiz :-) xx

Rhea said...

skeller/Susan - I could seriously just post everything these boys say every day and keep this blog going without ever saying anything myself. They crack me up.

Trailboss - I'm glad you're enjoying them. The 4 yr old is a little girl, and she's funny.

Lady in Red - Thanks for reading! You should do it with your boys too. It's fun. I need to come up with some better questions...

Kat - They would both love to fly, I know. Me too. The 4 yr old is a little girl I watch two days a week. She and her little brother(a 1 yr old) are adorable.

Britgal Sarah - ketchup and aliens, an odd combination, I know.

Lorna - Thanks! That's quite a compliment coming from the queen of creativity! The projects you and your kids take on are amazing. I think I'd rather have wings than go invisible...although they are both very handy...I could get into lots of trouble doing both...

Giggle - Strange child, I know. I asked him if he was going to have all his toys at all 7 houses and all his clothes at all 7 houses and so on, and he said yes. So strange...

I'll come check out Rat Girl soon! Can't wait to read. I can't wait for our newest LOST episode tomorrow night too. I feel so special being ahead of you guys in Australia!! BTW, they make a funny joke/statement about Australia in the episode we saw last week...Sawyer says something...hehe

Lady in red said...

I have interviewed 3 of my boys am waiting for eldest to arrive home from where ever he is and I have also given Romeo a mission to answer these questions too
funny how even the reluctant one got into it by the end.....none of them know what answers the others have given they have to wait until the last one has done it.

j said...

Aliens! They are scary and I want to meet them. I like the way he wants to face his fears!!

Be blessed.


david mcmahon said...

Great interview, great interview subject.

We're all six-year-olds at heart.

Gene Bach said...

A different house every night. Way cool interview. I used to like the shows where they would have kids on and ask them questions. You never knew what kind of answer you'd get.

Rhea said...

Lady in Red - YAY, can't wait to see your interviews!

Jennifer - I hadn't thought of it that way, him wanting to face his fears. He's like that though...can't turn down a challenge.

David - Thanks! I agree, six years olds at heart. Always.

Gene - I'm with you on those kid TV shows. Some of the best entertainment out there!

Valarie Lea said...

Thats funny I want my Logan to do the same things. Just brush his teeth and sleep in his own bed.

He looks so cute in that picture :)

Rhea said...

Valarie - Such simple things to ask for, right? Clean teeth and their own bed...

Chaos-Jamie said...

Funny! That's what Eldest's mother wants from her kiddos too!

Rhea, you've won a book on my blog. Email me your addy so I can send it forth.


Chatterness said...

Wants to meet an alien? Just show him some Tom Cruise movies!! LOL! Seven houses? YES, REMY!!! He's got the right ideas!!! :-)

Rhea said...

Chaos Jamie - I never win things! Wow! I'm so excited. I'll email you in just a minute.

Chatti Patti - Aren't those funny answers? Seven houses is NUTS! I don't know where he comes up with these things. lol

Catherine said...

Is an Invisible man with wings considered as an Alien? Call the NASA.
I love the way every thing is possible for Remy. Invisible man, yes, of course, a millionnaire? why not.