Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All-American Afternoon Antics

See, I am doing something with that English Major...I used alliteration in my subject title for today's post!

Baseball season has begun in our home. Donny's first game was yesterday, and unfortunately, they lost 1-9. I see a lot of potential in their team's talent though, so all is not hopeless! Remy's first TBall game is Friday, and he can't wait!

Of course, I couldn't resist bringing my camera along to be that obnoxious photo parent, taking pictures of anything and everything that moved. Here's the team getting their pre-game pep talk:

Here's Donny. He was nervous about the game. He played second base and third base and did ok at bat. He has a powerful hit, when the bat makes contact with the ball, which is good, because he isn't the fastest runner.

He got popped in the face with a grounder during warm-up and now has a dark bruise under his left eye. I'll get a picture of that after school today.

Most everyone knows the basics of baseball, but just in case you don't, here's a refresher. You try to hit the ball and run towards these things:

They're called bases. It's very important you touch these, before the other team touches it with the ball, or you're out. There are four of these bases...home, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. When you stuck on a base, waiting for another chance to run, it's a good idea not to try and figure out what shapes you can find in the clouds...or watch an airplane fly overhead. Just saying...

These are common tooks used in the game. The bat is good for hitting balls...and your brother. It's not good to hit rocks, despite the attraction every boy has to doing so.

The helmets are surely something pesky mothers invented or those guys in suits who worry about liability.

Gloves are not for scooping up dirt or putting over your head, despite seeing many do otherwise.

Remy isn't very good at sitting still and watching his older brother's game. So, he spends his time moving...I managed to catch him as he hopped up on this cement baseball...

Then I caught him again as he quickly scaled the backdrop fence...

And, finally, I redirected his energy to the baseball complex playscape, that surely a mother invented to keep all her kids busy so she could watch her child play baseball!! Of course, I had to keep checking to make sure he hadn't been kidnapped or was hurt...can you believe the size of this playscape?

The Tball game Friday will have even better photo opportunities, because little kids are hilarious playing sports. So, stayed tuned for more fun baseball season commentary as we get deeper into the month.


Anonymous said...

I love little boys in baseball cute!!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I love the new look! Mine was designed by Darcy over at Graphically Designing. There is a "button" to her site on the lower left sidebar of my blog. You should go over and check out her work!

Poor's so hard to wait and be patient while the older sibling is doing something! Madalyn is just like that.

Suzanne said...

Nice alliteration :)
Hope the black eye heals quickly.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

OHmommy said...

holy moly... that playscape is HUGE.

Lovely pictures and handosme fella in unfirom.

Jeff B said...

Your description of all the extra curicular activities that little boys do was priceless.

Firefly Mom said...

Wow, it seems like you got just as much of a workout trying to watch both kids as they did playing ;)

Sometimes I wish I had half of my son's energy - my house would be so clean!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until RyRy is old enough to participate in such things. Somehow, the dogs really don't make good teammates!

Valarie Lea said...

That is one huge play ground. I know a mother had to invent it because its covered. It protects from rain and foul balls.

Rhea said...

April - I agree, little boys in baseball uniforms are adorable. Now, men in baseball uniforms is awesome...

Kat - Thanks for the info. And, yes, sometimes little kids have it rough, wanting to do what the older kids are, but having to wait.

Suzanne - Thanks for appreciating my alliteration. lol

OhMommy - When I saw that playscape, I died from happiness! That was a miracle from heaven, I swear...a Godsend for all mothers!

Jeff - Thanks! Keeping up with Remy is a full time job...he's just so ACTIVE! Much more so than my older one used to be.

Firefly mom - If I could bottle Remy's energy, I could do ANYTHING.

Southern Goddess - I love your name. lol It's so much fun typing it. I agree, the dogs can't quite keep up with little ones. Our lab is very tolerant of Remy climbing all over her.

Valarie - You know, that hadn't occurred to me. Those coverings are fabulous for bad weather and foul balls, you're right. I hope all our games are at this field because it's AWESOME! We're new to this area, and our baseball fields back home were nothing like this.