Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Adventures of Remy, the never-stopping, monekybar boy.

My first child, Donny, is laid back, calm, cautious, thoughtful and responsible. He's also 11. My second child is very sensitive, high-strung, rambunctious and daring, with a seemingly never-ending amount of energy. This is Remy, who's 6. I am devoting today's entry to my attempt to keep up with him the last couple of days and capturing it on camera.

We discovered a new playground (still exploring our new hometown) over the weekend. Donny was on crutches, so I took Remy to play. He is obsessed with monkey bars right now and getting pretty darn good at them.

Do your children go up AND down slides non-stop? Over and over and over again?

I can't believe it, he found more monkey bars...hidden under the playscape.

Where did he go? I turn my back for a minute, and he's found a new hideout!

Here he comes, the never-stopping, constantly in motion, wonder boy (with the ever present red crocs on his feet)!

Now, fast forward to the next day, and he's stuck at home...and has to make his own fun. No jungle gyms in the house...or is there? Here he is trying to get Annie to rollover. She doesn't get it.
Now, she's Annie the wild labrador horse. Giddy-up! (she is sooo patient with him!)

Remy loves Annie so much but I think she's starting to reach her limit...

ok, maybe not. She loves her boy. She's content to let him get his energy out. Way to take one for the team, Annie!

Oops, maybe I spoke too soon, the look on her face in this picture is definitely a "help!" look.
And, then, fast forward one more day...another playground. This is the playground by our house, literally less than a block away. And, it has....drumroll please...monkey bars! Notice his extreme concentration...and the tongue comes out!

Down the fire pole...
and back home again, he has stolen his brother's crutches and is trying them out. Does this boy ever get tired? NO!!! He didn't want me to take a picture of him with the crutches, so I had to sneak this picture.
Yet, as I write this, he is home sick now, because he started throwing up this morning. Poor little guy. Does he have a virus or is it just time for me to change out his batteries? Remy, the never-stopping, monkeybar boy is taking things slower today.


. said...

I'm worn out just looking at those photos! I wish I knew where kids got their energy, and where I could get me some!


Anonymous said...

I think your 6 year old and my 6 year old would get along GREAT! Mine is just as active! I wish I had that much energy! The only thing mine wouldn't do that yours does, is go up and down the slide again and again because it's hard to find a metal slide. If it were metal, yeah...he'd do that same thing, but the plastic slides he can't use unless he takes his 'ear' off, because the static build-up those things cause could zap his processor, and that wouldn't be good at all! He can use the plastic slides if we take it off, but then he can't hear and he doesn't like that much, so usually, unless there are a ton of kids and he's enjoying sliding with them, he passes the plastic slides up in favor of the jungle gym and swings.

I wish places would bring back the metal slides!

Hope your little guys are both feeling better soon...the ankle AND the tummy!

crazy4danes said...

Cute post...I think every mom with a kid about that age can relate! I have a 5 year old and he is non-stop! :P I can barely keep up!

Love the pics of your son with the dog...my son too seems to push my dogs limits but they always seem to just hang in there and deal with him, hoping he'll find something else to climb on! :D

Sorry to hear about your son and his tummy :( I hope he feels better soon!

Valarie Lea said...

The pictures with him and the dog are precious. Our dog is little and does not like it when Logan wrestles with him. Well ok he does like it, but he will bite the tar out of Logan while they are wrestlin.

Burfica said...

man I am exhausted just watching him and all his energy.

I actually loved that my 11 year old started sleeping in a bit last summer. whoooohooooo


Melissa said...

oh what a cutie. And love those pictures with your boy adn the dog. I love seeing dogs that have good patients and almost motherlike care for the kids.

CrystalChick said...

Wow, you have your hands full! LOL He's a cutie pie. :)
Annie must be super tolerant. We have 2 very good dogs...but when my little grandson gets too close they get a bit nervous. They don't bite, but have grumble growled a couple times. :(
Enjoy your playground explorations!

Skeller said...

what beautiful parks and fantastic play structures!!! I must admit, I'm getting tired just watching the high energy of Remy. He'll keep you in shape, for sure!

Rhea said...

Marie - I need some of his energy, desperately. Just a tiny iota would do.

Kim - I bet ours boys would get along fabulously! Remy is so social and makes friends with anyone. I have seen some metal slides around here...but they get awfully hot during our Texas summers. I hear ya about the ear problem.

Crazy4Danes - I agree with you. Most parents are amazed by those little kids' seemingly endless amount of energy. sounds like you have some sweet, patient doggies too! Gotta love em!

Rhea said...

Valarie - Our sweet Annie can get nibbly, but she usually just starts licking Remy as her self-defense mechanism. She is priceless!

Burfica - My 11 yr old doesn't sleep in much, I have to admit, but he doesn't require as much energy as the younger boy, I have to admit. He can be darn persisent when he wants something though.

Crystalchick - Thanks! Annie is SO wonderful with the boys. She's a rescue dog, so we were very careful with her at first, but she's just great with them! Real little kids make most dogs nervous, I agree, and probably rightly so. lol

Motherhood for dummies - We really lucked out with Annie. She's the best dog ever!!!

Susan - We've been lucky to find so many great playscapes around here. The best was the one at the baseball fields, so I could let Remy play to his hearts delight while I watched Donny's baseball game. lol

Andrea said...

Whata great park! It's nice that you have them nearby to help Remy burn off energy. And "shorts-wearing weather"?!? I'm jealous. We had snow yesterday! In April!?!

I hope the virus passes soon. Otherwise he can store all that energy-then-watchout! :)

KP said...

your dog is TOO cute.

and so is the kid ;)

Rhea said...

Andrea - We are definitely in shorts weather here. I'm kind of jealous your still getting snow! It's always the grass is greener thing. Thanks for coming by! Remy was feeling better and just ate dinner...but now says he feels like throwing up again. ugh

KP - Thanks! I guess I keep the dog and the kid. :o)

All Things BD said...

That first playstructure is seriously cool. I wish ours looked like that.

My girls have recently discovered biking to the park, which requires me to bike along with them. I hate that. What are they trying to do, make me healthy or something?

Rhea said...

All Things BD - Thanks for coming by! I love your blog.

We've found lots of great playgrounds around here lately.

I hate it when someone tries to make me healthy. lol