Friday, March 14, 2008

The Tempest

I was excited to see a new DHARMA station last week on LOST. I can't believe how many stations and buildings the DHARMA Initiative built all over the island, not to mention how elaborate and secretive it all was. Their financial backing must have been incredible.
What bothers me most about this episode is how easily Ben manipulated Juliet again. He sent Harper to tell her to kill Dan and Charlotte, and she believed him!! Shouldn't she know by now how evil Ben is? (I really enjoyed seeing his evilness in this episode though, because he's such a fun creepy character.)
Juliet scares me a litte, although I still really like her character. I had a mouth-dropping open moment when she betrayed Sun and told Jin the dirty little secret. I mean, wow.
On last night's episode, I was heart broken at the end with the revelation that you-know-who doesn't make it off the island. I have to assume he dies...but I guess it is also possible he stays on the island. We don't really know. I'm trying to not release spoilers in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.
Also in last night's episode, I kind of liked the captain (besides his unwillingness to save Regina) because he was so straightforward. Should we trust him or not? I don't know...I tell you what, I definitely don't trust the Kevin Johnson!!!
Harper showing up in the jungle has me boggled as well. How can she appear and disappear to quickly? Why do the whispers accompany her? Is she really the smoke monster looking human again? What's up with the whispers and the smoke thingy? I am dying to know more!!
Love the show, as always. Desmond is one of my favorite characters by far and Sayid.


Rachel said...


I LOVE LOST TOO! Actually, my dh and oldest, Andrew who is 18, love it too.
Last night was a tear-jerker. We kept muttering amongst ourselves..."Curse you J.J. Abrams!!"

Cool post!

Rhea said...

Always happy to find another LOST fan! It was sad last night. It also leads me to question how set in stone these "flash forwards" are, you know? Can the future be changed?

Irene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

I too am a Lost fan. But curse my stupid set abilities with the VCR. It only recorded 5 minutes of last nights episode because I was at the Disneyland Resort. Ugh. Will try to watch it online but if not I'll have to wait until next week to watch the enhanced episode at 8 PM.

Rhea said...

The enhanced episodes are pretty cool. I've been watching them just to see all the comments at the bottom, even after seeing the original episode.

I HATE it when my DVR acts up and I miss something I thought was recorded. Thank goodness for online viewing in this day and age.

Thanks for coming by, Irene!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I always tivo LOST and then watch it on Friday afternoons. That way I can skip commercials and pause and freeze. Then I spend an unnatural amount of time reading theories on Lostpedia and exclaiming that these people have waaayyy too much time on their hands (yet I sit there and read what they come up with). I have read that there will not be paradoxes - and that the future will not change. What I wonder about Jin is, is he really dead or still on the island. A big part of me likes to think that he is not gone - but that side by side flashforward and flashback really messed with my mind. Do you think that Michael is the 6th Oceanic 6?

Rhea said...

I wondered the same thing about Jin, whether he really died or was just left behind for some reason.

I agree the flashback/flashforward messed with my mind too!

I thought we already had our Oceanic Six, but I think I was counting Aaron. So, you're right, we don't know the sixth person...surely not Michael...but maybe...

Rhea said...

Kat, what do you think has happened to Walt?

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I think Walt might be like Ben - some sort of time jumper...but I am not sure. I do think the sixth Oceanic is Michael - I think it was him that committed suicide - the one that was in the coffin for the "funeral" that Jack went to on the first episode of the season. I was not counting Aaron as a survivor...but I am not sure why not. Maybe I should. How do you think he aged that much? He had to be 3ish - and then we saw that Sun hadn't even had her baby yet. Is it the same baby she is pregnant with now? Oh...the places this show makes your mind go!

Rhea said...

Walt definitely seemed to have some special abilities, so it will be interesting to hear what they are. You might be right about Michael and his being in the coffin in the flash forward. Aaron did look older, but then again, time is so weird in this show it's hard to figure it all out.

tearese said...

I think the whispers are the others traveling through space and time..maybe. We know they were experimenting with time travel with the rabbits, right? The voices could be how they travel around. I mean, that one Other (I totally can't remember his name, sorry) that Ben met as a kid...he's still the same age now. You know, the guy with the black hair? Perhaps it deals with the time issues on the island.
The flash back an flash forward of this show tricked me, darn it.
I like Juliet too. And I can't believe John trusted Ben.

Rhea said...

I agree with you, Tearese, on the whispers being the others who are traveling through space and time. It is curious that Richard Alpert is the same age still..or at least looks it. Very curious.

Ben is one evil dude. I love him though!

Kiera said...

Kevin Johnson is bad news!! I didn't like Michael when he was on the island in the first place.

There are so many loose ends left to tie up that they could solve one mystery in every episode and I'd still question whether they would be able to get to them all before the series ends. Man I love Lost!!

Rhea said...

Hey, Kiera!

I know, Michael has never been one of my favorites. I agree with you about all those loose ends...I hope they all get answered, but every time they answer one question, ten more pop up! It's great, I love it!