Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rebel with a Cause

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you know my dad ended up in the hospital last week (and read his drugged conversation transcript). Well, he's home now and doing great! However, getting him home was a problem. This hospital was not big in speediness and competency, in my opinion. The doctor told him the night before that he was going to discharge him...but somehow they didn't actually sign the orders and let him go until 4pm the next day. He spent that whole time just sitting around, nothing happening. I went up there to pick him up and got very frustrated with the lack of communication and action.

So, I decided to rebel against the system. (This is not like me.) His nurse would disappear for hours on end, never helping my dad with the shower he'd been trying to get ALL day. I innocently asked the aid (who was super helpful), "Does it create a lot of extra paperwork if I just take him home on my own?"

And wouldn't you know it, the head nurse was in our room within 5 minutes, and we were out the door and discharged within 20 minutes. hehe

FYI, leaving the hospital like that would have been called AMA (Against Medical Advice) but since he was already told he was being discharged, and it was just taking TOO LONG, I figured we could get away with it.

I was seriously ready to just whisk him out of there. There's nothing to pulling out an IV, right?

Disclaimer: No old or sick people were offended in the publishing of this post. My dad gave his persmission to share the photo, which was taken right before the Great Evacuation of 2008 begin (you don't want to know, trust me).


melissa ellen parker said...

I'm glad your dad got outta there!

HAHAHA - I think I know what you're talking about with that cup!

Your dad looks so huggable!

CrystalChick said...

What a cutie, glad he's home and doing well.

It's pretty easy to pull out an IV, found out after the birth of my son when I couldn't stand it being in my hand a second longer. My nurse had disappeared on her lunch break, the wench, so I just went for it. A Doc popped in to see me and I showed her what I'd done. She said it was lucky I didn't start bleeding real bad.
Oops... had to take the chance, that IV hurt bad. So now, I make them go in the arm and leave my hand alone. LOL

Rhea said...

Hey, Melissa! I bet you do know what I'm talking about. It wasn't a pretty sight...

Crystalchick, you go girl! Glad you didn't bleed badly after taking it out. I agree with you about the hand...not a comfy place for an IV.

Tammy said...

Good for you, sometimes people need a push. Glad your dad is home now, he looks great!

moosh in indy. said...

I've watched enough episodes of House that I could bust anyone out of the hospital in under 10.

Jeff B said...

They do seem to move at the pace of molasses on a cold day don't they.

Grandy said...

Ok, so 2 weeks ago when I was getting discharged I was all done with the paperwork but still had to wait over an hour. Wanna know why? Because I HAD to wait for transport. Ya know...the wheelchair people to take me to the ding dang car! UGH!!!

Thanks for stoppin by my site. Hope to see ya around more. :)

Rhea said...

Thanks, Tammy! He's one tough guy. He's been through a lot and always bounces back.

I'm impressed Moosh, 10 minutes, huh? I LOVE House. My husband just bought season one for us to watch.

Jeff, that is quite eloquent. Yes, yes, they do.

Grandy, I totally know what you mean. Next time, threaten to leave AMA...it seems to push their buttons. hehe Thanks for coming by my blog!

tearese said...

that happened after my last pregnancy too. We were supposed to leave the next day, and we planned on around 1 or 2 pm. We ended up leaving around eight at night!
My doctor had appointments all day, and we were waiting for her.

Erin said...

Good for you, Rhea! Going against bureaucracy is truly heroic!

Rhea said...

Tearese, that is just torture. It is so hard sitting around and waiting.

Thanks, Erin! I'm usually a weenie when it comes to standing up to people but every now and then I discover my backbone!

Skeller said...

Ugh. Just sitting around a hospital? That equals pure torture. Love your effective rebel technique!!

Rhea said...

Thanks, Susan! I kind of enjoyed being a rebel...I might try it more often. :o)

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Atta girl, just whisper in the right person's ear and FLY outta there!

I (hate) dislike waiting, or making people wait for a bearuecratic reason like a flippin' signature. cannot.spell.bureaucracy.

Glad he's home and eating a Longhorn