Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Rules of Inheritance

I had a hard time getting into this book,
It's raw.

Claire Bidwell Smith's memoir does not read chronologically 
but instead is laid out through the five stages of grief,
A deep, intense grief stemming from
losing both her parents to cancer at a young age:


It's not an easy read. 
It's raw emotions slashing across the page, 
creeping around corners 
and draping across your shoulders

Yet, it was interesting. 
It made me want to gather up my loved ones and spend more quality time.

And Claire Bidwell Smith writes well. Very descriptive, evoking emotions.

Despite the rock bottom, she manages to come out of this...
and turn her life into something that matters. 
It was inspiring, despite my doubts and depression reading it. 

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tattytiara said...

Sounds like she achieved something really difficult - emotions like that are so hard to express coherently.

radvetmom said...

good review Rhea, makes me want to read it AND to consider a BlogHer book club