Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Little Piece of Childhood Died Last Night

A little piece of childhood died last night in our household.

My 10-year-old lost a tooth.
(more like he wiggled and waggled and pulled it out)

Wiggling teeth bother me.
I once had a dream where all my teeth wiggled and then crumbled out of my mouth.
So, I don't like dealing with loose teeth.

And, then he held it out in his hand to show me,
and said, "Here's my tooth, where's my money?"

I guess the tooth fairy has officially retired in our household.



Unknown said...

It's kind of a bummer when all those little pieces of childhood go from make believe to reality. Makes you realise they are growing up...and way too fast...

Monica said...

hello! first time "visitor." got to your blog from the blogher sidebar. ;o) fellow texas blogger. :o) your post made me laugh. we have four - 3 years to 10 and our 10 year old has had a tooth for the tooth fairy for about four months now because i cannot remember anything. blech. i am such a slacker when it comes to that. :o( i worry for my three year old that i won't even be able to keep up the rouse for a little while. the worst part - they continue believing and just think the tooth fairy has a busy schedule.