Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Reading Challenge


With the New Year comes changes and resolutions...
getting back into shape, 
taking on new projects, 
making ourselves better people

I'm on board with all of these! It's a good time to make changes.
And now I have a new resolution that someone recently shared with me.  
And, that's the joy of taking on a reading challenges.

I'm so excited by this idea! 
Here's the original novel challenge article from SassyMonkey at BlogHer that peaked my excitement.

There are so many options you can choose:

the food-lit challenge
the Jane Austen challenge
the Romance novel challenge
the short story challenge
the deepen your faith challenge
the finish that series challenge
the audio book challenge
3360 minutes reading challenge - read to your child at least 10 minutes every day
the Out Do Yourself challenge - read more books this calendar year than last year

Obviously you can combine challenges in some cases.  
Or you can make up your own!
There is a list of challenges on the Novel Challenge website.

A Novel Challenge

This is the first year I've made a spreadsheet 
and kept track of how many books (and which ones) I read. 
I think I'm at just under 100 books for 2011.
I'm trying to decide which challenges I want to take on...
but I'm leaning towards the Jane Austen one, 
because I don't think I've ever read all her books...
and a Sherlock Holmes one, 
because I've NEVER read Sherlock Holmes!!

Which one will you take on?

"Reading means growth.  Reading is fundamental.  Reading and expanding knowledge are not only important but they nearly essential to long term success in life."



Stephanie said...

The spreadsheet is such a good idea! I am an avid reader but it never occured to me to track my reads on a spreadsheet...

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