Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Do's & Don't of Christmas Cards

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards.

Here's one of our old cards:

Holiday cards are an excellent opportunity to see old friends and how their families have grown, to see the new babies and growing kids. It gives me a warm feeling to hear from family and friends...and to send them some love in return. However, there are some definitely Do's & Don'ts when preparing your holiday cards.

  • Do display modesty.  Don't boast that your toddler has created an algorithm to rival Google's.
  • Do include highlights of your year.  Family update letters are usually a blast to read and catch up on everyone's antics.  Don't share major news that might be depressing.
  • Don't use the cards as a chance to push your political or relgious agenda on others. But it is OK to send a religious card.
  • Do send out cards early or late, it doesn't matter the timing...as long as it's not BEFORE Thanksgiving. 
  • Do use the opportunity to be creative! Include photos.  Don't spend a fortune on your cards...it's tacky and offensive during these economic times.

And in my opinion, you can't go wrong using Shutterfly for your holiday photos.  I've been using them every single year to make mine, and I haven't been disappointed once. I've also made photo calendars each year of my children to send to grandparents, had photos put on coffee mugs for special gifts and even had photos put on special boxes and made into canvass paintings.  If I had my way, I'd make every gift a Shutterfly gift, because I love turning photo memories into gifts.

Here's another one of our old Christmas cards made from Shutterfly:

They have so many adorable and inspiring designs...and you can add one photo or multiple photos and add your own message. And, I've always received them timely and in excellent condition.

Sadly, since separating from my husband and being a full-time working mom, I haven't been able to afford Christmas cards the last two years.  But, this year, I'm so excited because Shutterfly has offered me a chance to make free cards AND offer 3 of my readers an opportunity to win 25 free cards from Shutterfly!

I can't wait to get started on this year's cards!  My first step will be dragging the boys and the dog outdoors and giving my mom the camera to take our photo. It might be easy and quick...it might be long and torturous. but no matter what, I'm making memories and traditions with my children for years to come. 

Are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here: http://goo.gl/DDw7Q

Have you received some bad Christmas Cards?
Are photo cards your favorite?

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