Thursday, September 8, 2011

Slow Love

Slow Love is a book written by a magazine editor, Dominique Browning, who loses her job suddenly and begins a "quest" of sorts to find happiness.
Does she find it?  I'm not so sure but she does spend a lot of time re-discovering and evaluating her life...and her relationships.
The main love interest in her life is not a very desirable character, which provided a lot of frustration for me, as a reader.

It's hard to see the main character that you're trying to connect with make bad decisions.  And, I had a hard time connecting with her, despite being a working, divorced mom myself.

Dominique's story made me ponder what I'd do with myself if I lost my job suddenly.
Unlike Dominique, I wouldn't be able to not work for any amount of time, so I'd be consumed by finding a means of income...but, let's say for a moment that I have the money to not work for a while.

I'd like to think I'd take the time to grow and do things that I've always wanted to do.
Some of these things coincide with what the author did:

Gardening - I've never spent much time gardening, but there's something so elementally appealing about it, that I must start one.
Piano - I played as a child but wish I'd kept up with it.
Writing - I love writing and have written on and off all my life. 
Cooking - I feel like I never have the time and energy to really explore cooking and I'd love to take some classes or buy a cookbook and attempt every recipe.
Canoeing - I canoed at camp and in the summer...but it's been years. 

What would you do if you suddenly lost your job?  
What have you always wanted to make time to do but haven't?

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