Thursday, June 2, 2011

Preposperous Potty

My mother snapped this photo in an office building bathroom in Dallas yesterday.

In case you can't read that sign above the toilet, here's a closer look:

Yes, there's a weight limit on the toilet!
Have you ever seen this before?

Wonder how they enforce it?!
(hidden cameras? scale in the floor with alarms attached?)


Leslie Moon said...

That is hilarious! Maybe there is an alarm and if you are over 300lbs the door blasts open and the lights start flashing leaving you exposed to the entire bathroom??

Belle said...

I wonder how people who weigh over 300 keep from breaking their own toilets? I didn't think they were so fragile.

Mary C said...

OH that's so funny. Who knew there were weight restrictions on potties.
(it's 'crystalchick' commenting from my other blog)

Anonymous said...


Krista said...

And what if someone is over 300 lb! They can't go to the bathroom? I have to admit if I was over 300 lb, I might be tempted to whiz on the floor and leave a note.