Friday, October 8, 2010


Apples, apples everywhere and not a drop to drink!

I think it's really lame that getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden was blamed on Eve. 
I mean, Adam needs to take some personal responsibility for the fact that he ate the apple too.

Taking personal responsibility is a huge problem with the world right now. 
Everyone wants to blame everyone else for their problems. 

However, this blog is not about lecturing others or stepping on a soapbox. 
It's a place for me to express my creativity, to admit addictions, explore temptation and have fun.

When I enter a grocery store, I'm drawn to the fruits and vegetables. 
I like to surreptitiously whip out my iPhone and snap a the one above of the apples.

That's weird right?

Do you have a weird habit like that?

and, why, why, why does the new Blogspot photo up-loader turn my iPhone photos SIDEWAYS?!!
I can't figure it out!
Anyone know how to fix this issue?


Leslie Moon said...

Maybe you should start snapping your blog photos sideways! That way when you upload them they will upload correctly!

NanU said...

The photo-turning thing happens to me too, and when I finally got through to the blogspot people about it, they essentially said there was nothing to be done. Blogspot doesn't want to get involved in photo-editing software, blah, blah, but it does somehow "decide" if a photo should be landscape or portrait. Supposedly the default is whatever the camera said it was to begin with (whatever that means). With few landmarks to go by, ones like this are often wrong!

Hope said...

Yeah, I think you should simply begin taking all your photos while laying down. ;-)

And we all have quirks (sounds better than weird, right?). I love kissing my horse on the nose - I cannot have my dog run past me without me making a 'wiiisssspp!' sound - I have a box of Kleenex within arms distance of everyplace I regularly sit.

And I cannot say 'no' to chocolate - ever.

Anonymous said...