Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's all about bribery

When researching the origins of Halloween, you find out about the Celts from 2000 years ago, celebrating Samhain, who lit bonfires and wore costumes and masks of animal heads and skin.

Then there's the Christian's All Saints Day and All-Hallows...

but it was in the early 1900's in America that the tradition turned more into what we have now.  
They started having vandalism issues around that time during Halloween, 
so they started offering kids bribes or treats to keep them from causing mischief on Halloween night.


That's what you're doing when kids come to your door.
You're giving them a bribe not to destroy your property.


 For me, Halloween is about having fun with my family.
Using our imaginations and dressing up.
Getting togeher with family to eat and give out candy.
Carving pumpkins.

It's fun.

I haven't really done much of the Haunted houses or scary stuff, but I think that stuff is fine.


Belle said...

Well, I used to bribe my girls with candy bars to be good while we went grocery shopping. I guess that is a good idea to save your house! Happy Halloween.

Sharlene T. said...

It's all about bribery, is right! I can remember the days when gates were put on rooves, small cars placed up on blocks or porches... yup, it was the bribery that saved you... good evolution...