Monday, August 30, 2010

These are a few of my favorite apps.

I wanted an iPhone for a long time, and then I finally got one for Christmas 2009.

I've found some strange apps for the phone,
but these are the following FIVE applications that I use every single day on my iPhone
(not in any particular order):

1. Facebook - It's so easy to update my status while waiting in line somewhere. Most my family and friends are on Facebook and it's so fun to keep up with people when I'm too busy to talk.

2. We Rule - This game is so much fun! You own a castle and build houses and businesses (a tavern, a bookstore) and grow crops (magic aspargus!).

3. We Farm - Very similar to We Rule, but you own a farm, raise animals (cows, chickens, ostrich) and grow stuff (lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant).

4. Words With Friends - It's similar to Scrabble and you can play anyone who has an iPhone! I have 7 games going right now with friends and family.

5. Email - I have my gmail account connected to my phone and can check mail wherever I am.

6. Maps - Ok, I don't use this every day but the times I do use it, indespensible!!!

7. The Weather Channel - I need to check the 10 day forecast regularly.

8. Messages - This is where I text everyone, and it formats the texts like a conversation. Unlimited and extremely useful.

What are your favorite apps?
Do you have an iPhone?
Do you want an iPhone?

1 comment:

Sharlene T. said...

These all sound terrific... I'm still trying to figure mine out, but love the fact that it does let me talk to my friends and family... come visit when you can...