Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Thomas the Tank Engine, I miss you.

I was checking out the daily deal at Woot yesterday and ran into a familiar face.

Oh, Thomas the Tank Engine, how I've missed you!

The sturdy wooden bodies, the fun magnetic connection and even the creepy little faces...
they were once a staple in my household.

My boys played with trains for years.
I used to have trains in my car and in my purse...
and always on standby for a boring moment or a necessary distraction.


Every night before bedtime, my boys used to watch an episode or two
set on the Island of Sodor with a cheery little moral.

So wholesome to play with and easy to share.

Now my boys play video games where they get to be soldiers in a war zone...
or prefer shooting at targets with air soft guns...

They've grown up.
But I've held on to those little trains,
and the memories that cling to them long after their paint fades.

Thank you, Thomas, for all the good times.


Sharlene T. said...

One of my dearest friends was the President of the Nationald Miniature Train Assoc... he's just a little boy that grew up and couldn't leave his trains behind... veer your guys away from the world or war and get them some of these puppies with a LARGE sheet of plywood and let them create their own world... it's a lifetime love... if they still love trains... isn't it funny how certain toys just bring it all back... come visit when you can..

Kisma said...

We loved Thomas and have also traded him in for nerf guns and PS3 games that I wish didn't exist.

Oh to be a child again, huh.