Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Texas Children's Tale

Around 9pm tonight, after watching my favorite show in the world, LOST,
my 13-year-old son informed me he had an English project due.

I won't repeat the torrent of words I blasted at him...

and, I even found out that this project was actually due YESTERDAY, 
but the student he was supposed to work with flaked out.

Putting aside aside his poor planning, he's a good student, 
but I am now making him finish the project.
As long as it takes.

They had to come up with a 15-page chldren's story on their own; write and illustrate it.

The story they came up with together, he and his partner, was some strange tale 
about a squirrel named Barry and smoking.

I know what you're thinking.
A children's story about smoking?!!
But at least the moral of the tale was to NOT smoke.

Anyway, now that Donny is doing this project on his own, he has ditched that story line 
and, with my help, come up with a new tale.

Meet the characters:

Archie the Armadillo


Larry the Longhorn.

He's actively working on the story right now,
but the snobby Longhorn who looks down on the armadillo
is going to learn an important lesson
about not judging others by their looks.

And a little feisty armadillo named Archie is going to help him out of a jam.

I let you know how the finished product turns out!!

(and let's hope we're both not up all night!!)


Dusty Dudley said...

I suppose it can be some small consolation to both of us to know it's not just your kid or mine that does that last-minute, gee-I-gotta-finish-this-at-9pm thing.

Ronnica said...

Longhorns are definitely snobby. I'm just saying...

Kisma said...

I love it when my kids come to me and inform me they have a project due the next day and its the first I have heard of it!!! sigh...

Great storyline btw!

I think we moms always think best when we have added pressure to help our children because we want them to succeed and make a good grade.

ShineForLife said...

Yikes, I hope you finish soon. From experience, I know that projects make time fly...especially when coloring is involved. :/

Heidi said...

You had me at LOST.

Misty DawnS said...

Oh that is SO cool!!! I'm a grown adult (depending on who you ask), and I've toyed with the idea of creating a childrens story about Matouk (my dad's wolfdog) and illustrating it with my photography.

Blue-Eyed Mystery said...

I remember having to do that in high school..

Theresa said...

LOVE your blog! Very funny pics of the cattle!