Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Muletas on Karakorum & Why the Dictionary rocks our house.

Around the holidays, when large groups of family are gathered, we play a game that we call "Dictionary."

All you need it a dictionary, pencils & paper.

We tear the paper into little squares and pass them out to everyone along with the pencils.
And then the fun begins.

Whoever goes first opens the dictionary...and picks out a word that they think no one knows.
Then everyone writes down what they think the word means...on their squares of paper.
The paper is then gathered and the person reads out all the defintions.
We all try to guess who wrote which one...and then we find out the real definition.
The person who was the closest gets to choose the next word.
It's so much fun.

Someone in my family choose the word "Karakorum."  [kahr-uh-kawr-uhm]
Here are some of the guesses:

- a distilled spirit made from yak milk and carrots - burned in volcanic ash for 10 years before drinking.   Popular in Papa New Guinea.

- a gathering of cars sufficient to vote.

- a tropical fruit that tastes like burned toast.

- a ruined city in central Mongolian People's Republic.

- an ancient tirual involving, among other things, decor of carrots and steamed beets.

- the sound a green beetle makes when someone steps on it.

- a very rare liquor found deep in the karakangaroos' veins.

Another family member choose the word "Muleta" [moo-ley-tuh] and here are the definitions:

- a mule that "et" too much.

- a tie that is made of cow skin found in Africa.

- a red cloth on a stick used by a matador

- slang for "meet ya later" used by gangsta munchkins.

- an east African bread, commonly served with fried sandfly soup and cinnamon green sauce.

- a social afternoon party gathering of mules where tea is served.

- a big glob of mucus stuck together.

- a little boy mule after the Big Surgery!

This game will make you wonder who your family really is!

Can you guess the REAL definitions of Muleta & Karakorum?!!
(without cheating!)


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Anonymous said...

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CJ said...

karakorum is a mountain range in south eat asia

Justine said...

OMG, these were hysterical. Who's stuck on carrots anyway?

Justine :o )

Kristin said...

Muleta: verb Comes from the Spanish word "Muletar" meaning to birth a mule. In this instance: "She births a mule."

Karakorum: noun A Karaoke song sung terribly by drunken concubines.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Muleta, I think that is the spanish slang for someone who is biracial.

Karakorum, I have no idea.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Ha, I just looked up the real definitions! I'll be coming back here later to see what everyone else says.

Lynn Kellan said...

We play a variation of this game, too. We call it "Fictionary" and we vote for which definition might be the correct definition. You get a point if someone votes for your bogus definition. Hilarity ensues. One of our favorite words was "Pood" - can you imagine the definitions we got for that one? It is a Russian measure of weight equivalent to about 36 pounds. :)

Melissa Blake said...

Hey, congrats on being a Blog of Note! xoxo

Bridget McCarthy said...

Love this game! Love your blog!

hhm said...

congrats on the *blogs of note* distinction :)

if i had to guess... id say the correct ones were:
1."Karakorum" - a ruined city in central Mongolian People's Republic.
2."Muleta"- a red cloth on a stick used by a matador

i know #2 is right because my grandmother was frm Spain and i remember her using that word when she spoke of the bull fights :) but #1 just seems the least insane :) lol

thanx 4 the afternoon giggles.

Susie said...

That sounds like fun:-)

Trooper Thorn said...

"Muleta & Karakorum" is the name of my favorite haberdasher.

Lrean This Blog said...

congrates of being blogs of note, what do I offer you at this tech blog? Whats the difference between freeware and shareware?

Anonymous said...

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Dave Heeter - Real Estate Consultant said...

There's actually a board game almost exactly like this called Balderdash and an expanded version called Beyond Balderdash that includes Movies you have to make up/guess plots for, Dates in history, People's names, etc.

Cristin said...

We used to play this in college! Same exact way. So fun.

We also have the game Balderdash... you really don't need the game if you have a dictionary.

Alicia said...

I don't know the Karakorum word, but I think Muleta is a suitcase in spanish...but wait, no...thats a maleta. Ok...I don't know. Sounds like a fun game though. Your family is very creative.

Angie | said...

this sounds hilarious! i will definitely try it out with my college friends - see who can outsmart who :)

Screwed Up Texan said...

Congrats on blog of note!

James Parker said... blog! Glad to find ya. I'm up north of ya in Burnet. Drop by my blog for some guaranteed laughs. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Fun game! I love it.

Unknown said...

1."Karakorum" - sounds like ancient mystical creature :)
2."Muleta"- wasn't that some song?

Great game by the way

Important phone numbers,

Sarah D said...

This is an actual board game, called Balderdash. But your version sounds cheaper. :)

chocolategirl64 said...

my flatmate and I used to play that game with friends:
we called it 'fictionary dictionary'

Mariette said...

Rhea, thank you for this. I am totally going to steal your game since I am a dictionary weirdo. I think, at last count, there are 5 dictionaries in our house. (I just blogged about it on my blog Word Play- I tagged it to you, hope you don't mind.)

Thanks again, and congrats on being a blog of note!

sparkschronicles said...

My husband and I played something like this before. Well actually we were justcurious waht true meaning was of some of the simplest words. I think I might start playing this with my children. Thanks

Starpurple said...

My kids and I have been playing this game since they could read. This is a GREAT game! And I love that you don't have to buy anything.

Misty DawnS said...

This sounds like a blast! Civil Sarah is right about Balderdash, but in the game, all the made up definitions are given to you and you pick which is right (if I remember correctly). I like your game better where you make up your own definitions.

Hannah said...

Haha! We played this NYE.

I picked the word Diphthong. You can just guess what sort of definitions came up!

Adorable blog!